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How do I dab? What do I dab?

Dabbing is much more than an internet dance move. You know the one. It’s generous to call it a dance move. We prefer the other kind of dabbing. The fun one, dosed with CBD, that looks as good as gold. The one that sends actual therapeutic, calming, relaxing vibes through the body. To pull off a good dab, you need dabs, so let’s start there with the big question: what are dabs?

Dabs are plant-derived CBD oil concentrates that offer all the benefits of CBD with rapid bioavailability. Available in forms like wax and shatter, these concentrates are created when cannabinoids are extracted using a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane. Note that the “cleaner” method is CO2 extraction, a solvent-free process used to create CBD crystal isolate. The resulting substance? A sticky oil usually referred to as wax or shatter – depending on its substance and viscosity. Terpenes are generally added later on for flavor profiles and therapeutic effects… in fact, it’s for taste that some CBD users prefer concentrates over vape oils, despite giving up a bit of application convenience, as terpenes will provide the flavors of hemp and cannabis strains without any psychoactive properties. Potency is another big reason, as when it comes to CBD concentrates, less is more.

Traditionally, dabs are taken with a dab rig or water pipe. However, like all CBD product categories, the marketplace is exploding with CBD concentrate delivery systems. CBD dabs can also be used via certain vape pens, wax atomizers, and e-rigs. As with all CBD products, a bit of finesse and experimentation is encouraged to the find the dose that works for you.

Should I dabble in Shatter?

Shatter… sounds so severe, doesn’t it? Sure, if we’re describing something that happened to bone china or an ancient flower vase, shatter isn’t the word you want to be using. However, as a concentrated extract of CBD, shatter is wonderful in appearance and even better in application.

In its undisturbed state, CBD shatter appears like a sheet of amber-colored stained glass. It looks pure, because it is very pure… but how did we get here?

CBD shatter is concentrated CBD in crystallized form – much more concentrated than traditional CBD vape oil, which is diluted via a dissolving agent for better device flow. As a popular CBD concentrate, shatter is a highly potent oil extract achieved through a series of processes and solvents like butane or CO2. In terms of purity and flavor, it’s definitely a winner. Shatter is rich in terpenes… natural aromatic compounds found in plants and especially cannabis. They’re the main components of essential oils used widely in perfumes and aromatherapy. CBD enthusiasts also dig shatter for its high potency.

To ingest, the CBD concentrate is dabbed onto a vaporizer or similar device, inhaled as a vapor, and sent on a trip through the body’s circulatory system where the calming effects of CBD can be enjoyed immediately. Dab culture is riding high at the moment, with many CBD enthusiasts enjoying the dab for its small, discreet application and its high concentration. Shatter, like other concentrates, looks like a lightweight but throws big, so keep in mind that a little bit goes a long way!

Dabs vs. Vapes… everyone wins?

This juice is not from concentrate. No, we’re not talking apples and oranges. CBD vape juice, or oil, and CBD concentrates may be extracted from the plant at the beginning and inhaled at the end, but these two forms carry subtle differences that may have you leaning a certain way. Let’s pair them 

Dosage Strength: Advantage CBD Concentrates
While dabbing concentrates and vaping are both extremely effective methods of delivering CBD immediately into the bloodstream, dabbing carries the stronger dose. This cannabidiol flex is attributed to the potency of the extracted substance, which exists in its solid wax form due to its high concentration. On the other hand, CBD vape oil loses a bit of its power when the isolate is combined with a thinning agent that allows the substance to flow through the cartridge and device.

Versatility & Accessibility: Advantage CBD Vapes
If you’re looking for ease of access, vaping is the way to go. It’s the plug and play method of CBD inhalation that requires very little maintenance on the user’s end. The juice goes a long way without needing to reload and vape pens are incredibly discreet and easy to transport. Traditional dabbing is a different story… one that requires a water pipe (or dab rig), torch, concentrate, water, and more. However, the CBD is making it easier to dab with the emergence of dab vape pens and e-rigs. However, the user will still need to dab and reload the substance more often, which is a bit more hands-on for some.

Taste: Your Call!
Many CBD concentrate fans prefer the whole plant taste that terpenes deliver. The substance is infused with terpenes, making it rich in natural cannabis taste. Vaping delivers on a universe of tastes with so many flavor profiles saturating the marketplace.

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