Nature’s Script CBD are products created using only the best ingredients on mother earth. All products sourced from licensed and regulated U.S. farms with sustainable growing practices. All products are tested and isolated from pesticides, heavy metals, and all other contaminants by way of Co2 Extraction. They manufacture all their stuff with a full suite of in-house departments and have complete control from start to finish. As far as taking CBD, they stress that the best results come from consistent, daily use.

For Nature’s Script, it started with a question: How can they bring the medicinal value of the Hemp plant to those who need it most? After tireless research and development, Nature’s Script was born. They know you care about what you put into your body, which is why they use organic CBD and natural botanicals in all of their products. The Nature’s Script team brings you CBD in its purest form – experience the benefits of this natural compound without any of the unnecessary additives. From their high-quality ingredients and sustainable sourcing to their in-house customer advocacy team, they do everything they can to make your CBD experience great – and to make the world a better place.

All products come from licensed and regulated U.S. farms with sustainable growing practices. The lineup of products consists of; CBD Gummies, CBD E-Liquids & Oils, CBD Capsules & Syrups, Pain Rubs, and some of the most trusted Pet Oils available. Lab tests back their process and report over 99% purity without THC and other unwanted residuals. From the ground up, we guarantee to provide the highest quality product to the consumer through our superior sourcing methods, in-house manufacturing, and third-party lab tests. The good news is that Pure CBD Vapors has all the Nature’s Script you can handle, so swing away!


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