What Makes CBD Vapor Better than Chewable CBD?

What Makes CBD Vapor Better than Chewable CBD?

Chewable CBD


For a long time the use of marijuana for medical purposes has been under a lot scrutiny and a matter of debate in the medical world. This was mainly due to the fact that marijuana, though rich in medicinal properties contains a chemical called THC, which is typically the ingredient that get users of marijuana high. This is the chemical that leads to the lowered reaction time, sensory distortion, poor coordination of movement, among other side effects. But recently, another chemical ingredient of marijuana has come to light, and for all the good reasons. Cannabidiol or CBD unlike its counterpart THC does not present the same problems of getting high and of sensory distortion and instead is rich in medical benefits. In order to understand the benefits of CBD let us take a quick look at some facts relating to it.


Key ingredient in cannabis


CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis and belongs to the class cannabinoids. Of the 60 compounds present in marijuana CBD and THC are found in the highest concentration and hence are the most studied and researched. These two chemical compounds are found in varying amounts in different plants. The plants grown for recreational purposes often contain more THC than CBD, for giving the users a feeling of being “high”. Using selective breeding methods, a new breed of cannabis has been created, which contains high levels of CBD and almost zero levels of THC. Although rare, these high CBD plants have become popular due to their medicinal benefits.


Various medical benefits of CBD


As already mentioned the rich medical advantages of CBD has won it a lot of popularity. Of the many benefits of CBD here are a few:

  • Fights disorders related to psychosis
  • Fights cancer cells and tumors
  • Controls and eradicates inflammatory disorders
  • Reduces nausea, dizziness, and vomiting
  • Controls seizures
  • Fights neurodegenerative disorders
  • Fights depression and anxiety related disorders


Does not cause a high and counteracts the negative effects of THC


Since it does not affect the psychological functioning of a person, CBD is a preferred chemical to use in treatments without causing major side effects. Unlike THC, CBD does not act on the CB1 receptors and hence does not cause mind altering effects caused by THC. In fact, CBD actually combats the negative side effects of THC by reducing its intoxicating effects, such as paranoia and memory impairment. It also reduces the sleepy effect induced by THC, which might be the reason why some types (strains) of cannabis are known to boost alertness.


Ways in which one can consume CBD


Now that we know how beneficial the CBD chemical can be for treating various diseases and chronic health conditions, let us find out how it can be consumed safely to receive maximum benefits of CBD.


  • CBD for topical application – CBD infused herbal medicines are available in the form of lotions, sprays, creams, balms, and oils. These topical creams or lotions are used to treat skin conditions like eczema, and joint conditions like restless leg syndrome, arthritis, muscles stress, and spasms. Migraine can also be successfully treated using CBD based balms.
  • CBD concentrates or tinctures – These are basically solutions of alcohol with a high concentration of CBD. Due to the high concentration, small dosages are recommended instead of taking large doses at once.
  • Edible CBD – Edible CBD is available in a variety of forms such as brownies, chewable gums, chocolates, juices, and sodas. CBD hemp oil is also used in cooking sometimes mixed with butter or used directly in cooking.
  • Vaporizing CBD – Vaporizing helps in extracting the beneficial components of CBD hemp oil at a much lower temperature without burning it, thus giving out vapor instead of harsh smoke. This also helps the user avoid the irritation and burning effect in the throat caused due to smoking directly.


How CBD vapors are better than chewable CBD?


After knowing the various ways in which CBD hemp oil can be ingested it is easy to round down to the two most popular ways of consuming CBD: Edible CBD in the form of chewable gums and treats, and CBD vapors. Many a time it is argued that CBD vapors are a better method for CBD consumption instead of chewable ones, and there is a good reason for that.

Although chewable CBD is a delicious alternative to smoking CBD, it poses a couple of issues. Edible / chewable CBD takes a longer time to start working. It generally requires 20 minutes to one hour or even more than that to take effect. If someone is in need of a dosage of CBD in a hurry, for example, for getting relief from a migraine or a seizure attack, an edible dosage of CBD might take longer to kick in and start giving relief. Often when users feel that a single dosage has not taken effect (due to the long duration of the CBD taking effect) they might take another dose soon after, something which is not advisable. Chewable CBD that comes in fixed dosage can cause the same issue unless ingested for regular treatment of a disease, for which it is considered very good.


CBD vapors on the other hand are mild for intake and work much faster than any other form of ingesting CBD hemp oil. Since they are simply heated at a low temperature instead of burning, the vapors smoothly flow into the users system and in the same way the respiratory system sends oxygenated blood to different parts of the body, CBD vapors reach to the concerned area that needs healing and works its magic. It is quick and offers immediate relief in matter of minutes to users. CBD hemp oil vapors can be used in vape pen also, thus making it easier to use on the go. In order to control dosage, you can pour in only as much CBD hemp oil required into your vape pen or any other vaporizing apparatus, as you need to address your medical condition.


CBD hemp oil vapors offer the ease of use, easy measurement for perfect dosages, and portability, all of this along with the wonderful health benefits it offers. If you are concerned about the taste of the CBD hemp oil, you can go for some of flavored oils used in vape pens, to make it easier to consume.