Looking for CBD Vape Oil?

Looking for CBD Vape Oil?

Looking for CBD Vape Oil?

Looking for CBD Vape Oil?

This history of smoking goes back to the ancient times. CBD vape Oil are simply a modern continuation of that trend. The vape pen provides an excellent level of control on the amount of material you smoke. There is nothing more pleasurable than a finding the CBD vapor flavor that is just right for you.

Vaporizers function by heating up the marijuana to the extent that a few cannabinoids “boil”. They literally evaporate away, leaving just the fibrous matter. The smoke you inhale is a blend of cannabiniods and a number of byproducts, like PAHs.  Analysis have revealed that the emitted smoke contains only 10 percent cannabinoids, the rest being composed of combustion products.  In comparison, the clouds emitted from vaporizers contain a maximum of 95 percent cannabiniods, with a few PAH traces.

The benefit of using vaporizers is that the low temperatures do not destroy cannabiniods via the application of heat-and you get a much better taste and value for money when you use a vape pen.

The best way to know the workings of your vaporizer is to play the device’s temperature settings. This exploration will be a pleasurable one. However, if you prefer a more scientific approach, it will be good to know the cannabiniods’ boiling points and also their individual properties.

Looking for CBD Vape Oil? Perfecting the temperature

There are a few important findings when it comes to explore the intricacies of the cannabinoid boiling temperature. A temperature range exists in which the different cannabis compounds get released. Each compound showing its own unique qualities. Only through experimentation you can find out the temperature best suited for you. The standard temperature for extracting a large selection of compounds comes to 185 degrees centigrade. For cannabis, the optimum temperature range lies between 180 degrees centigrade and 210 degrees centigrade. Greater pleasure is obtained if the temperature is below 190 degree centigrade.

Guide to different temperatures

The temperature range in which all kinds of cannabinoids evaporate is situated between 157 degree Celsius and 220 degree Celsius. Since the different cannabinoids have dissimilar boiling points, if you vaporize an identical bowl at different temperatures, then the results will also be different. The thumb rule is that lower temperatures will result in more heady effects, and higher temperatures will result in increased body load effect.

It is to be noted that some cannabinoids need temperatures to exceed 200 degrees Celsius before they can evaporate. In this setting, a vaporizer runs risk of combustion- a scenario best avoided.

  • THC: It vaporizes at 157 degrees Celsius and is the most famous cannabinoids of them all. It has both analgesic and euphoric effects, and makes the smoker very much relaxed.
  • Looking for CBD Vape Oil? : It vaporizes in the range of 160 degrees centigrade to 180 degrees centigrade. This cannabinoid is much in demand from the medical fraternity for its wide range medicine related applications. CBD partially counters the THC effects, thus countering any inimical feelings.
  • Delta-8-THC: It vaporizes between 175 degrees centigrade and 178 degrees centigrade. Delta-6 is similar to THC with the exceptions of being less psychoactive and more stable. Anti-vomiting properties are its USP.
  • CBN: It vaporizes at 185 degrees centigrade and is available in minute amounts. Its effects, however, can still be felt. CBN breaks down the THC and closely associated with sedative effects.
  • CBC: This vaporizes at 220 degrees centigrade and has the distinction of having anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • THCV: It becomes vapor at 220 degrees centigrade and as per research, believe to moderate THC’s psychoactive effects. Research into this compound is continuing.

Note that the plant itself can combust in the region of 200 degree centigrade. The maximum heat which it can take prior to burn is about 230 degrees centigrade. The burning temperature is dependent on the humidity of the surroundings.


Compared to cannabinoids, flavonoids are much less known. The latter are a big class of pigments extracted from plants occasionally referred as Vitamin P. Flavonoids along with terpenoids are partially the cause for the smell, taste and look for a specific strain. These compounds are the reason for opening the lid before purchase. The plant character can be known by its smell.

Flavonoids are also believed to possess secondary health benefits. The temperatures and effects of various flavonoids are:

  • Beta-sitosterol : This vaporizes at 134 degrees centigrade and the compound is believed to have certain anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Apigenin: This becomes vapor at 178 degrees centigrade. It is thought to have anti-inflammatory, estrogenic and anxiolytic properties.
  • Cannflavin A: It vaporizes at 182 degrees centigrade, and is COX inhibitor.
  • Quercetin: This becomes vapor at 250 degrees centigrade. This flavonoid is an anti-viral and an anti-oxidant. It boils at temperatures exceeding other cannabis vaporization temperatures.


These have a structural resemblance to terpenes and are found naturally in a large variety of plants. They contribute to the aromatic quality of plants. Terpenoids give the distinct and unique scents of menthol, cloves and cinnamon. The strongest psychedelic compound-known as Salvinorin A- is in reality a terpenoid.

  • Betya-caryophyllene: It vaporizes at 199 degrees centigrade and is believed to be anti-malarial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Alpha-terpinol: This becomes vapor at 156 degrees centigrade. It is an anti-malarial, anti-oxidant, sedative and an antibiotic.
  • Beta-myrcene: It vaporizes between 166 degrees centigrade and 168 degrees centigrade. This terpenoid is an anti-inflammatory, an antibiotic and an analgesic.
  • Delta-3-carene: This vaporizes at 168 degrees centigrade and is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • 1,8 cineole: This becomes vapor at 176 degrees centigrade. This increases cerebral blood flow and acts as stimulant. It is also an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.
  • D-limonene: It vaporizes at 177 degrees centigrade. This occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. It is an anti-depressant and has anti-mutagenic properties.

Vaporizer flavor

Smoking through a vape pen is always a delight- independent of whatever flavor of CBD vape oil you are puffing to. Since CBD vapors are specially made for smoking, there will be an excellent sensation of flavor and taste. As the choice of flavor depends on individual tastes, it is unwise to recommend any particular one.

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