How to make a daily routine with all forms of CBD oil

How to make a daily routine with all forms of CBD oil

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There are an endless list of benefits of CBD oil. At this point, you’ve already decided that this is the best option for your daily ailment. You’re aware of the many forms it’s available in:

sublingual tinctures

  • vaping oil
  • edibles
  • capsules
  • rubs

Understanding how long each one takes to kick in and how long it’ll last may strike you with indecision. And despite CBD oil’s legal status on a state level, you may still wish to be discreet about your usage outside of home.

This isn’t about which form of CBD oil is best for you. More so, let’s build a daily routine using all of them since they can fulfill a variety of needs. Everyone has their own preferences for consumption, but let’s give them all a go!

CBD Oil Varies in Forms and Longevity

First, let’s start with the amount of time it takes each item to kick in and how long it ends up lasting within you. Moving forward, we’re assuming that you have some idea of how much you need to ingest for each item. Refer to this page for an idea.

Keep a journal to track your intake so you know your “sweet spot” with certain products. And when you may have to increase MG when re-upping your supply.

Starting with our namesake Pure CBD Vapors, vaping CBD with top-rated items like this or that, has almost instant effects. That said, relief can last for 1-3 hours.

The effect is similar with sublingual CBD oil (using a dropper to place it under your tongue). This one is a favorite. It puts CBD into your digestive system versus consumption via mixed with drinks.

CBD oil consumed in this manner can take 20-60 minutes to kick in. The effects can last for 3-6 hours.

The life cycle of CBD candies, gummies and others edibles are like THC-enfused ones. Though consumption on an empty stomach can lead to faster effects, it’s best to ingest with a meal.

Capsules and sprays work similarly.

Another nearly instant reliever is CBD rubs for external ailments like joint pain or muscle aches and stiffness. Using a potent product like this regularly tends to reduce more pain over time.

Let’s build an optimized day with every product!

We’re starting our ideal day the night before. Today prepares us for tomorrow after all.

Let’s say your package with all forms of CBD oil arrived when you got in from a busy day. To relax you so you’re not consumed by the wave of errands and work to do tomorrow, let’s take something long-acting within 30-60 minutes of your bedtime.

How about a couple CBD-infused gummies? After you get those colorful delights into your mouth, let’s pack our supplies for tomorrow:

  • cool new vape kit
  • bottle of the top-rated CBD oil tincture we have to offer
  • bottle of capsules

We can leave the edibles and pain rub at home.

You do other adult things like pack your lunch and lay out your clothes for tomorrow. Okay, maybe you don’t do this regularly, but we’re making our best life thanks to this wonderful CBD shipment, remember? Don’t forget to brush your teeth!

After you’re done with all that, the relaxing effect of the CBD gummies kick in and you sink into bed. How long has it been since you fell asleep so fast?

When you wake up to your alarm, the usual woes may come crashing down on you.

You hit snooze one too many times.

The impending stress of sitting in traffic and tackling tons of work consumes you.

This is an opportune time to reach for your vape kit and take a few puffs. Within minutes, the whirlwind of worry slows to a gentle breeze in your mind. With clarity, you prepare and head out, being sure to take your handy CBD oil inventory with you. Your vaporizer takes off enough edge to navigate traffic and may wear off a bit as you arrive at your destination.

You want to be able to focus on your work for an extended amount of time. Ingest your CBD oil, either with a drink or sublingually. You find you’re able to work with more ease and focus due to the effects lasting up to 6 hours!

When your break arrives, have another hit of your vape or ingest some more CBD oil to finish out the rest of the day. With a relaxed mind and less aches from your body, you manage to stay on task and shake off your coworker’s gossip!

How to wind down from work with CBD

You survived traffic and now you’re back home. Or you’ve hit the gym. The ache in your joints tends to make working out discouraging, so have some more puffs! You’ll push through with more satisfaction than you have in years.

Fitness not your evening scene?

You may have a personal project like a side hustle or novel that you’ve been putting off. With the power of CBD oil coursing through your veins, you’re able to take on your hobbies and dreams with extra unf! Don’t forget about dinner.

And now we’re back where we started: the end of your CBD-powered day. You feel like a new you. It’s been a long day though, so you rub yourself down with a small dose of your CBD salve. You always knew you were tense but not THAT tense when the fast-acting rub settles into your body.

Let’s have another handful of edibles and then get ready for another great day.

Share this article with your tips on bettering a daily routine with CBD oil! Tell us what your favorite forms of CBD are and if you’re thinking about trying something new. We have a large selection to choose from.

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