Established in 2017, Hempmetics is one of the sought after brands here at Pure CBD Vapors. They are a premium high-quality brand of cosmetic products infused with hemp-derived CBD. The health-conscious consumer will be attracted to this brand. CBD is not only reserved for vaping alone, in fact, but many other delivery methods also exist. Obviously, edibles come to mind, but beauty and skincare are a keynote on this brand page as you will soon find out. We know our customers care profoundly for themselves and others that surround them in their daily lives.

We carry the full line that consists of the following products: Hemp Hand and Body Lotion, 1000mg CBD Pain Salve, 150mg CBD on the go Oral Spray (Spearmint, Bubble Gum, Watermelon, Fruit Punch), 250mg CBD Mints, 1500mg Organic CBD Capsules, 500mg CBD Infused Hemp Shot, 1ml Pure Hemp Oil, 375mg Dried Fruits (Mango, Pineapple, Apricot, Kiwi), and the all new Hempmetics Transdermal CBD Patch (240mg – pack of 4). Now that is A+ list of CBD products right there. We recommend you fill your cart with as many of these brilliant products as you may need for the bright future that lies ahead of you!

So with the uncertainties of today, don’t leave your personal beauty time on the back burner any longer. Feel great and take the necessary steps to ensure you continue to feel great. There is no better feeling than genuine confidence in yourself. So try the CBD Lotion and freshen your breath up with a blast of the CBD Oral Spray, then go out and tackle the day. Hempmetics is a trusted, and proven brand of CBD infused cosmetics. This highly recommended line of CBD products are always available for your purchase at Pure CBD Vapors, and always at the lowest price online!

  • Hempmetics CBD Lotion refreshes, renews, and calms.

    Hempmetics CBD Hand & Body Lotion

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  • Hempmetics Topical Pain Salve

    Hempmetics Topical Pain Salve 1000mg 1oz Jar

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  • Hempmetics-Transdermal-Patch

    Hempmetics Transdermal CBD Patch 240mg total (pack of 4)

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