E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative

E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative

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Even though there are strong debates about risks of popular e-cigarettes and vaporizing devices, another new e-cigarette has been introduced, which contains e-liquid that is derived from Cannabis. The e-liquid contains cannabinoids and is inhaled using a vaping device similar to electronic cigarettes. The liquid is also sold legally online across United Kingdom and all states of United States, as it does not contain THC, which is a hallucination inducing compound present in marijuana. The e-liquid which is derived from hemp oil, contains 5 percent cannabidiol or CBD that gives users a relaxed feeling without the psychotic results and smell of cigarette smoke.

The e-liquid is derived from organically cultivated industrial hemp that is grown across Europe, Asia, Mexico and United States for medicinal purposes as it contains very low THC. Though industrial hemp is a derivative of Cannabis plant it contains high levels of cannabinoids or CBD and very low THC. Hemp oil is carefully retrieved from cannabis plant using scientific methods which is rich in cannabidiol. The e-juice is then made from hemp oil and other substances like food grade flavors and colors, along with vegetable glycerin to make it suitable for vaping which is not harmful to the body as the conventional cigarettes.

Vaporizing e-liquid derived from cannabis

Industrial hemp which is used for extracting hemp oil is derived from cannabis plant that grows tall to around 15 feet and is a rich source of fiber. The CBD rich hemp oil that is used for e-cigarettes can be extracted from cannabis plant’s parts like seed, stem and stalk. The hemp oil that is extracted from the cannabis plant is used in both electronic cigarettes and dietary supplements to control stress and anxiety. Only few of the total 85 cannabinoids that have been discovered till date can be used as e-juice due to potency levels.

Though industrial hemp also belongs to Cannabis sativa L species, it is unlike marijuana and contains minimal quantities of psychoactive drug THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. Commercial cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized in Canada and United States only a decade ago, when universities insisted that its medicinal qualities far outweighed the hallucinogenic effects of THC in it. In fact industrial hemp is used in a wide range of products like paper, textiles, construction, fuel and for even making biodegradable plastics.

A recent study by University College London that was carried out over a period of seven years on 6000 subjects showed that vaping is among the most successful nicotine replacements. Social scientists are investigating further to see if vaping hemp oil infused e-cigarettes could be used to quit smoking. Even though hemp oil is derived from cannabis tree it is different from marijuana as the latter is cultivated in a different manner.

Regulations about using hemp oil as e-liquid

Though there are strict regulations about marijuana extraction, the cannabidiol extracted from hemp plant does not come under them as it does not contain any THC and is not a drug, but a health supplement. Hemp extracts are legal under most international laws and are exported and imported for medicinal purposes.

Kanvape was among the first legal cannabinoid vaping device as it does not contain any THC. The cannabidiol in the device is derived from industrial hemp, so it does not have psychotic effects of cannabis and just relaxes the user like regular smoking. This kind of smoking does not use tobacco or paper like traditional cigarette, so users are not exposed to ill effects of tar. Vaping cannabidiol or e-cigarettes is cheaper and it does not emit smoke like traditional cigarettes so people looking for alternatives to cigarettes are quickly switching to this product.

Technique of using cannabis derived e-liquid

The liquid is contained in a small cylindrical device that is part of the e-cigarette and is heated up with batteries to atomize it as vapor, which rises and is inhaled by the smoker. The e-liquids in the market contain hemp, propylene glycol, flavors and glycerin to make it ideal for smoking. When user of e-cigarette inhales it, airflow moves to pressure sensor within the device that activates its heating element and turns the e-liquid into vapor which is exhaled as smoke. Vapor from these cigarettes contains fine particulate matter along with minimal traces of toxicants and metals, but lesser in quantity when compared to traditional cigarettes.

The e-liquid derived from cannabis is used in three kinds of e-cigarettes which are all cylindrical in shape but are of varied sizes. The cigalikes are similar in size and shape of regular cigarettes while the eGo’s are bigger in size with liquid tanks that can be refilled and reused followed by mods that are assembled from reusable products. The latest version of e-cigarette that was introduced in 2014 contains a rechargeable battery along with the e-juice cartridge, an atomizer, a power source or battery and a vaporization chamber.

Worldwide popularity of cannabis derived e-liquid

Popularity of the flavored cannabis product is increasing at a rapid pace and during 2014, sales of e-cigarettes was at $7 billion due to aggressive marketing through television and radio. It is being promoted as a lifestyle product and smoking is glamorous among people of all ages, which can now be indulged in public places too as it does not emit unhealthy smoke. The sales of these products are done through internet and regular pharmacy stores as the manufacturers sell these as disposable devices too. As hemp oil which can be made into vapor is easily available in small bottles, users of e-cigarettes purchase re-usable devices to refill their devices. The method is less expensive than buying disposable e-cigarettes every time, as user just has to purchase the hemp oil bottles in different flavor of their choice and use them when necessary.

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