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Vape Oil

Clouds for days. Why is vaping CBD a popular delivery method?

So, you need a CBD-induced mood change. You need to calm your mind, boost your vibe, refocus, and perhaps meditate on a few things. There are plenty of ways to get the right dose, but you’d prefer these effects to settle in quickly and that CBD edible is definitely going to take its time kicking in. Topical creams won’t tackle the full-body feel you’re going for either.

How can we shake this dilemma? Vaporize it. 

Vaping is one of the most bioavailable methods in delivering CBD throughout the body. During inhalation, CBD enters through the lungs and diffuses directly into the circulatory system. In contrast to the 30-60 minutes it generally takes for an edible to kick in, the timely efficiency of vaping is vastly superior. And while we’re comparing CBD edibles to CBD vapes, consider this: the same beneficial effects can be achieved with a much smaller amount of CBD by vaping. The CBD transfer from lungs to bloodstream is far more efficient than sending CBD through the liver where its absorbed and broken down by enzymes – a process that can remove the potency of cannabidiol.

With the CBD vape marketplace booming, an added bonus of rolling with this delivery method is the variety of flavor profiles, forms, and concentrations to choose from. Given the fast-acting and potent nature of this delivery method, experimenting to find and maintain the desired dosage amount can be settled in a matter of pulls.

As with any CBD product, choosing a quality CBD vape oil is essential to a positive experience. We’re here to help with that. 

Vape Oil

Flavor fiend or cloud chaser? The effects of PG, VG, & MCT in vapes.

Before the CBD extract can grow up into a big cloud, it must first be turned into an effective vape oil. As CBD extract can be highly concentrated and too thick to operate in a vape pen, many products introduce a dissolving agent to dilute the solution, give it mobility and create a few other performance tricks as well.

E-liquid flow. By thinning out the original extract, the solution becomes an e-liquid capable of traveling through the vape pen. If the substance is too thick, it may clog, burn, and not vaporize properly.
CBD volume. The thinning agent is used to increase the volume of the solution, creating a longer-lasting CBD experience..
Cloud cover. That’s right, the thinning agent has a lot to say about those plumes on exhale.

What are these dissolving agents?

Vegetable Glycerin (VG): popular with so-called cloud chasers, VG delivers a smoother hit while producing big clouds on exhale. Thicker than PG with a sweet hint, it’s also reportedly less-allergenic.

Propylene Glycol (PG): a favorite with flavor fiends, PG is a better vessel for flavor additives as it has no flavor but carries a slightly harsher throat hit. As one of the thinnest solvents available, it transforms into vapor most effortlessly.

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT): this flavorless, highly refined food grade oil is derived from palm kernels and coconuts. mixes well with flavors. 

Because these dissolving agents produce different effects, many vape oil products lean into a ratio designed to offer the best of worlds. Read the labels and find your blend.

Vape Oil

Why are terpenes so naturally awesome?

As you dig deeper into the realm of CBD, certain characters materialize again and again. They introduce themselves, become familiar and linger like the familiar aroma of cannabis itself. Oh, that unmistakable aroma? Terpenes get all the credit there.

Terpenes are a special class of organic, aromatic compounds found in plants and flowers and are the main components of essential oils used widely in perfumes and aromatherapy. They encourage interspecies communication and for many, serve as an intrinsic link to nature. The scent of the forest? A dozen Valentine’s Day roses? A therapeutic cup of chamomile? Terpenes, terpenes, terpenes.

The undisputed champion of terpenes is the cannabis plant. For so many, the blend of terpenes defines the cannabis experience. They can tell a story of composition, define a strain or pinpoint an origin. In fact, for many cannabis grow operations, retaining high terpene profiles is a driving goal. Not only do terpenes dictate flavor profiles, but also the effects – and science is just now beginning to explore the beneficial mechanisms at play.

In regards to CBD, terpenes are said to be a pivotal part of the widely accepted ‘entourage effect.’ When CBD is extracted as a full spectrum substance, these supporting cast members come along for the ride and lend an organic depth to the product in smell, taste, and molecular mutuality. Cannabis-derived terpenes aren’t for everyone though, in which case a CBD isolate could be more your flavor.

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