CBD Pens for Beginners: How to Use Vaporizers Safely and Confidently

CBD Pens for Beginners: How to Use Vaporizers Safely and Confidently

 LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

You’re a newbie to CBD vaporizer pens. Maybe you just bought one or you’re thinking about it, but you’re unsure. And that’s okay because there are A LOT of options. 

There’s more to it than knowing what your options are. Each comes with a different way it needs to be used. And it would be great to learn about those ins and outs before you buy, right?

So throw out that first world problem of indecision fatigue! Instead, check out our breakdown of how to use and get the most out of your CBD pen. You’ll get answers to:

  • what are CBD pens
  • what types of CBD pens exist
  • how do they work
  • how to use CBD vaporizer pens for stress, pain and other wellness issues
  • how to dose properly when inhaling

An educated consumer is an empowered consumer and the hemp industry wants the best for your path to wellness. So let’s get you informed about how to add this to your day-to-day.

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What are CBD pens?

They are vaporizers. So what are vaporizers? Let’s keep it bare bones simple. They’re inhalation devices that allow you to inhale vapor. Of course in this instance, you’ll be inhaling vapors infused with cannabidiol, a cannabinoid in industrial hemp.

They can be made out of glass, metal and/or plastic. So considering the battery and cartridges, they can vary in manufactured material. Also, there are different types of CBD pens (more on that below) that may offer additional benefits. 

When used safely, they’re a great alternative to smoking. Whether you’re overcoming addiction, you don’t like the intensity of the heat from the smoke, you don’t want to go back to smoking, or you’ve never smoked and you want to keep it that way. 

This is a great option because it prevents carcinogenic material from entering your lungs. So you get a “purer” experience. When smoking hemp flower, there’s the papers, and there’s the extreme heat from your butane lighter. That type of heat impacts the amount of CBD that actually enters your bloodstream–and not in a good way. 

So you want to be a greedy CBD troll and vape instead of smoking. 

Also, CBD pens are discreet. You can carry them almost anywhere. And as long as you keep them charged, you’re always good to go. No lighter. 

What types of CBD pens exist?

Vape oil/juice. Ideally, you have some experience with vaping if you opt to buy just a bottle of CBD vape oil. This can be narrowed down by manufacturer with a specific design. Or they can just be cartridges that attach to a 510 battery. Read the ingredients to see if your CBD is cut with additives like propylene glycol or vitamin E acetate. 

Disposables. Great for experimenting with flavors, hemp strains, CBD percentages/potencies, figuring out how to puff properly. They’re pre-charged and could die if you keep them for too long, losing your precious CBD you sucker. Just be cautious of waste if you take a liking: explore more of the manufacturer’s products on our site.

Kits and cartridges: You can get a kit that gets you all set and even prepped with a back-up cartridge for some. Dodge the mess of filling up your own carts or finding compatible pieces.  

Standard 510 battery that can work with interchangeable cartridge heads. These have temperature options based on voltage. Different brands have their own set up for the colors. Red can mean a dead battery for one, and on another, it’s just the lowest voltage for a low temperature. Varying temperatures interact with terpenes and cannabinoids to create varying effects.

cbd battery and charger


How do CBD pens work?

We explored this a bit earlier. But things can get a bit nuanced. I’m not going to get into the technical aspects, so let’s stick with the basic user needs. CBD vaporizers generally work via pressing a button on your pen or auto-vaping by inhaling. 

Read the product description before making your purchase!

Some pens require 3 clicks. Others 5 clicks. Others use micro USBs for charging while some have their own unique chargers. Aside from those discrepancies, their functionality depends on the type of CBD product. 

For example, we offer JUUL-compatible CBD pods, which only work with JUUL devices. There’s highly concentrated cannabidiol in the forms of wax and shatter. They require a cartridge or vaporizer specifically designed for use. 

How to use cbd vaporizer pens for stress, pain and other wellness issues

Particularly, when would you use it? It’s ideal because you just have to inhale the proper amount for you (figure that out with a medical professional and your own careful exploration), and it’ll go directly into your bloodstream. It could take one really good inhale. It could take a number of deep puffs. 

But ultimately, you may experience almost immediate relief. Let’s say for stress, anxious moments, or pain, you’re used to popping a pill. That can take 20-90 minutes to enter your bloodstream because it must be processed through your digestive tract. 

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How to dose properly when inhaling?

It’s okay if you’re a non-smoker and you’re unfamiliar with how to inhale “properly.” I’m defining “proper” as the optimal method to ensure you’re absorbing as much CBD as possible per hit. Hit, inhale. Tomato, tomaato. 

Anyway, cannabis medical professional Dr. Dustin Sulak offers great steps here for proper inhalation. Though he speaks of cannabis and herb vaporizers, the premise is similar for CBD vapes. So eyes on the prize! 

Exhale to empty your lungs and then inhale your CBD vapor for 1-3 seconds. Dr. Sulak then recommends taking in another deep breath to fill your lungs to capacity. Wait a couple seconds and then exhale completely. 

Just know it’s not about how long you hold your breath. Author of Brave New Weed, Joe Dolce states that it’s the depth of your inhale that matters most.


You made it to the end! Or you skipped all this writing for some quick facts. So be it. 

CBD vaporizer pens can be used safely: keep your eyes on the product description. Steer clear of as many additives as you can. And keep your desired effects in mind. 

If you seek immediate relief throughout the day, this discreet tool is worth including in your wellness stash. CBD may bring comfort to pain, stress and other troubling wellness conditions in the blink of an eye. 

Share this blog if you’re considering vaping CBD and you want to halt fear mongering!


Alaina “PowerChick” Dorsey is a Baltimore-based Creative Strategist and Blogger specializing in hemp, cannabis, wellness and ecommerce industries. She is the original author of this post and offers a variety of creative and connective blog marketing services at her company Bud Biz Creativ.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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