CBD Hemp Oil Infused Flavored E-Juices

CBD Hemp Oil Infused Flavored E-Juices

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Of all available consumption methods, vaping CBD is steadily rising in popularity. In this article, we discuss CBD hemp oil-infused flavored e-juices.

What Is Hemp Oil-Infused E-Juice?

It refers to a specialized e-juice infused with CBD and combined with flavors and other compounds. CBD-infused hemp oil, when used in a vaporizer, is heated to release inhalable vapors.

To understand why CBD based oil is extracted from hemp instead of cannabis (marijuana), we have to understand the positive and negative points of both plants.

  • The THC Factor – Cannabis is high in THC, which is an illegal compound due to the intoxicating “high” that it produces. Alternatively, hemp-derived CBD is a non-intoxicating compound.
  • Anxiety caused by THC – Some people feel anxious and paranoid after cannabis use. CBD has demonstrated an ability to negate the effects of THC. Studies show that pure hemp oil infused with a high level of CBD can drastically reduce the after-effects of marijuana inhalation.


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

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