CBD Hemp Oil Infused Flavored E-Juices

CBD Hemp Oil Infused Flavored E-Juices

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In recent years, the medicinal properties of cannabidiol or CBD hemp oil has gained worldwide attention due to its ability to  help with many different ailments. It is because hemp oil contains large quantities of CBD compared to low content of THC, which actually has hallucinogenic effect on humans. Earlier e-cigarettes used all forms of cannabis extracts some of which were high in THC, which made them fell nauseous and dizzy as some were derived from marijuana. Due to strict regulations and norms laid out by government agencies, e-juice manufacturers are now using hemp oil extracted CBD oil as a part of their composition.

What is hemp oil infused e-juice?

It refers to hemp oil containing high quantity of CBD and minimal traces of THC, which is combined with flavors and other compounds to make different types of e-juice that is used in electronic cigarettes or vaping machines. Though hemp oil is derived from a strain of the cannabis plant, it is not harmful to the mind or body as it has mild therapeutic effect due to presence of CBD or cannabidiol and makes user feel calm and relaxed.

The hemp oil that is used in e-cigarettes is warmed up to release vapors that is inhaled by smokers and exhaled in the same manner as regular smoking. People interested in swapping  regular smoking to vaping e-cigarettes may face a few surprises in the initial days due to different flavors and lack of nicotine taste, but they can soon get used to it as it exhales smoke. While most strains of marijuana have high levels of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, it does have little traces of CBD too. Though both THC and CBD, which are among sixty compounds found in the cannabis plant belong to same class called cannabinoids, their characteristics are very different from each other.

To understand why CBD based hemp oil is infused into e-juices instead of marijuana, we have to understand the positive and negative points of both compounds.

Recreational factor of THC – While marijuana has high content of THC, which has psychoactive elements, hemp oil contains CBD which has none of these effects on the human brain. It is this factor of CBD which makes it a disappointment for recreational users that get high on marijuana and stay in a dazed state for several hours. Hemp oil containing CBD, on the other hand, induces calmness and soothes patients in pain.

Anxiety caused by THC – Some people feel anxious and paranoid after inhaling marijuana due to its hypnotic effect, while CBD can reduce these feelings caused by THC. Doctors who have tried to calm down marijuana abusers state that CBD counteracts the anxiety and fear caused by inhaling THC. Studies show that pure hemp oil with high level of CBD can drastically reduce the after effects of marijuana inhalation.


Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 

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