Buy Pure CBD Vapors Vaporizer Liquids

Buy Pure CBD Vapors Vaporizer Liquids

Vaporizer liquid refers to the concentrated liquid that is heated inside an electronic cigarette to produce vapor which is inhaled by the person using the cigarette. This form of smoking is called vaping in which vapor form of the e-liquid compound is inhaled instead of inhaling tobacco smoke that is present in traditional cigarettes. The product is used by several celebrities as it does not emit any smelly tobacco smoke and can be used at any public place as some of them allow vaping. Sometimes health workers advice heavy smokers to try electronic cigarettes if they are unable to give up smoking. A few studies show that electronic cigarettes do not leave tar in the lungs and do not make the mouth feel raw and dry like traditional cigarettes.

Details about vaporizer liquids

Electronic juice which is also referred to as vaping juice or vaping oil comprises of 4 to ingredients that are derived from vegetable products and are clearly mentioned in the labels.

  1. Vegetable glycerin – All vaping liquids contain around 75 – 80 percent of this ingredient which maintains the coordination between flavor and taste and helps bind nicotine to other ingredients. Referred to as the base of vaping liquid it is combined with propylene glycol or polyethylene glycol as available to get thick and consistent smoke. Vegetable glycerin is a colorless and non toxic which is a main ingredient in foods and beverages.
  2. Food grade flavoring – These comprise of flavors used in fruit candies like strawberry, mint, and other oil based essences and make up around 10 – 20 percent of the e-liquid. Propylene glycol is an odorless compound which tastes mildly sweet and is also lightly toxic. It is a used as a food additive in sweetened frozen desserts and also in topical cream and gel formulations. Polyethylene Glycol is a low grade toxic used in combination with glycerin as an antifoaming agent.
  3. Nicotine and distilled water – These two ingredients make up the remaining 3-5 percent which can be increased or decreased based on desired potency of the e-liquid. Nicotine is the only addictive compound in e-juice and regular tobacco cigarettes which is a health hazard. It is a potent alkaloid and is extracted from tobacco as a yellow oily liquid. Though it acts as a stimulant to increase alertness in small doses it can be harmful when more than 50 – 100 mg is used. The liquid has potential of intoxication and if large concentrations of nicotine falls on skin it can cause death as it is easily absorbed by the bloodstream.

Can vaporizer liquids help to reducing smoking?


Though vaping pens are fairly new gadgets they have an edge over other nicotine replacement techniques used to help smokers get rid of their addiction. This is largely because these vaping pens feel like traditional cigarettes without the harmful effects of smoke, tar and nicotine. These products give users the choice of selecting a vaping product with or without nicotine so users can slowly reduce their smoking levels over a period of time. Even the American Association of Public Health Physicians suggests that smokers that are unable to quit the habit with nicotine gum and other therapy measures should consider tapering off with electronic cigarettes instead of abruptly giving off smoking. The British Medical Association has also asked health workers to suggest electronic cigarettes to smokers as a low risk product.

Though there is a ongoing argument about ability of electronic cigarettes to help smokers quit smoking, mainstream health workers and medical professionals have been forced to concede that they do have positive effects and can help to quit. Studies show that 72 percent of smokers have been able to quit heavy smoking with electronic cigarettes as these are non addictive and help them to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Most smokers have started using a combination of regular smoking with vaping to reduce their consumption levels without any side effects.

Pure CBD vaporizing liquids


The electronic cigarettes use vaping oils that are available in pleasing fruity flavors like strawberry, peach, berry etc., which give off soothing smoke instead of the foul smelling smoke of tobacco. These do not contain nicotine so are neither intoxicating nor do they make the users suffer from withdrawal symptoms like dizziness, dry throat, anxiety and constipation etc.

Vaporizing is also used to treat lung ailments like pulmonary edema and helps in reducing cravings for nicotine based traditional smoking. Vaping cigarettes that do not contain nicotine contain the goodness of hemp oil. These cigarettes contains CBD and minimal traces of THC that is ideal for recreational use and do not cause intoxication.

The easy availability of vaping juice in shops and medical stores across the nation can help smokers reduce their dependence on nicotine and tobacco. Manufacturers of vaping liquids make both nicotine free and nicotine induced compounds which people can use according to their inclinations for taste and flavor. Electronic cigarettes produce minimal smoke and they cause just a tiny fraction of side effects when compared to traditional cigarettes.

Advantages of vaping e cigarettes


If electronic cigarettes are allowed to replace traditional cigarettes then it will help reduce tobacco related illnesses and lung disease from tar. These devices keep the environment around smokers cleaner and free of toxins and may help in controlling withdrawal symptoms. Though long term effects of electronic cigarettes are still unknown this product is more promising then tobacco patch and gum to control smoking habit.

  1. Less expensive habit – A regular smoker that shifts to electronic cigarettes will find this habit less expensive as the e-liquid can be used for a long time and most chain smokers have been able to save between $100 – $200 every week.
  2. Improvement in balance and reaction time – The senses are sharper and more alert instead of being dulled into compliancy by nicotine induced smoke.
  3. Living in smoke free environment – The pleasant smell of fruits now permeates the environment around the smoker instead of previous sickening tobacco smoke which surrounded the smoker’s room, clothes and personal vehicle.

A person shifting from traditional cigarettes to electronic ones may find it easy to shift back as nicotine and tobacco addiction is difficult to overcome.


Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 

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