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Vape Bright is 100% committed to enhancing the vape experience. Everything they do comes back to the act of vaping. We respect that. Vape Bright’s signature play is the complete absence of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). You won’t find vanity clouds here… just smooth, clean, wholesome hits of CBD derived from 100% organic hemp. Check the lab reports – this juice is the real deal. Every puff delivers 1 mg of cannabidiol from a JUUL compatible vape cartridge – another bonus. Looking for a new remedy? Try their new Inspire pods, which leans on centuries-old Kava for anti-anxiety healing. Old world healing with new world innovation found here.

Common FAQs

Where Can I Find Reviews for Vape Bright?

Vape Bright product reviews are available HERE.

Where is Vape Bright Located?

Vape Bright is located in Carlsbad, California.

Are These Pods Compatible with My JUUL Device?

Vape Bright CBD vape pods were specially designed to be compatible with JUUL devices.

How Much CBD Will I Consume Per Puff?

Each puff of Vape Bright e-liquid provides you with one milligram of CBD.

Do These Products Contain VG and PG?

Vape Bright products are free of VG and PG.

Do These Products Contain Organic Hemp?

Vape Bright only uses organically grown hemp, as this is considered superior due to its lack of trace amounts of impurities found in the soil.

What is Kava?

Kava is an ancient herb used for centuries for its anxiety-reducing properties.  Vape Bright has managed to incorporate Kava into its Inspire Pod formula.

What is a CBD Vape Cartridge?

A CBD vape cartridge is a pre-filled cartridge that contains CBD-infused e-liquid.  It attaches to a compatible vape device, and it’s thrown out and replaced when the e-liquid runs out.

What is a Vape Starter Kit?

A vape starter kit is for someone who is vaping CBD for the first time.  It provides the user with a pre-filled cartridge as well as a compatible vaping device, and a charger.

Are These Products Tested?

The CBD products from Vape Bright have been tested by third-party labs.  You can access these lab results HERE.

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