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Optimized vape performance, ability, lifetime warranties on most products and the ability to vape more than CBD e-liquids… what’s not to like here? The Kind Pen has mastered the herbal vape pen game and the CBD community is better for it. The innovation is in the product line. For dab and concentrate enthusiasts looking to ditch the cumbersome rig, The Kind Pen’s sleek dab and wax pens are game-changers. The CALM device and its pod collective have expanded the CBD limits on accessibility and versatility. The CBD community is built on those who take the industry forward, and that exactly what you’ll find here with The Kind Pen. Take your vaping to new levels now.

Common FAQs

Where Can I Find Reviews for The Kind Pen?

The Kind Pen reviews are available HERE.

Where is The Kind Pen Located?

The Kind Pen is located in Ocean Township, New Jersey.

Do These Vape Pens Products Have Safety Features?

The Kind Pen products have safety features for hazard-free vaping.

What is a CBD Cartridge?

A CBD cartridge is a small tank that contains the CBD e-liquid.  It connects to a vaporizer device.

Do I Need to Be a Vaping Expert to Use These Products?

Most of the products from the Kind Pen are excellent for beginners.

What is Convection?

Convection is a heating method that allows the hemp concentrate to be heated evenly for a fuller and smoother experience.

What is Full Spectrum?

Full spectrum CBD contains the full spectrum of compounds that are native to hemp, including cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This allows for the highly desirable entourage effect.

Are the CBD Products from The Kind Pen Tested?

All of the products from The Kind Pen are carefully tested in third-party laboratories.  These lab results are made available by the company.

What Are Dab and Wax?

Dab and wax are two different types of hemp concentrates that must be used with devices specifically designed for this style of vaping.

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