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Sweet Wax Hemp is committed to providing uniquely potent hemp goods with a line of concentrated waxes that are conveniently pre-filled into user-friendly vape cartridges. Not only are they some of the strongest carts on the market, but they also come in a wide array of delicious flavors to take your experience to new heights.

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About Sweet Wax Hemp

Are you looking for a uniquely potent hemp experience? Sweet Wax Hemp Un-Cut CBD wax cartridges are 100% Chemical-Free, Preservative-Free and are made from certified Non-Gmo Hemp extract. Using super-critical CO2 extraction, it's filtered, lab tested and blended exclusively with natural plant terpenes.

There are NO artificial flavorings or elaborately named preservatives. Sweet Wax Hemp is simple: CBD Hemp Wax, and Terpenes. Each blend is made fresh to order. Master crafted with care and steeped in natural flavors, it will arrive fresh to your door. Really doesn’t get any better than this.

Every hemp cartridge is compatible with most standard vaping devices. This means you don’t need to buy and maintain fancy equipment to reap its benefits.  Simply attach it to your vaporizer and enjoy the ride.

Go ahead, slouch a little more in that favorite chair and pull up a daydream...or two today.

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