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IHL CBD Hash offers a unique and exciting lineup of hemp goods that are intended for inhalation, providing a faster peak in the system with more noticeable potency. They carry both high-quality CBD vape oils and hash products which are available in various highly desirable cannabis strains, letting you customize your overall CBD routine like never before.

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About IHL CBD 

Are you looking for the best Delta 8 vape oil or hemp hash that money can buy? Then IHL CBD Hash is the brand worth exploring. Their products are a step above the rest. Each being third-party tested and boasting some of the purest and most potent hemp compounds is a huge plus.

They offer their hash products and Delta 8 in a wide variety of strains. Easily customize that hemp experience according to your needs, desires and ultimate goals. Now, they make more than just hash. IHL also carries a line of exceptionally flavored vape oils.

One of the things that we love about this brand is that they make it easy for you to know exactly what you’re getting. IHL clearly prints the CBD level of each strain on their product label, going to great lengths to provide accurate information.

Truly one of the original CBD Hash companies to get into our industry, you won’t find quality like this anywhere else.

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