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  • cbd dabs

    iHemp CBD Dabs – 25.7% 1 Gram

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  • 52.1 Dabs New1

    iHemp CBD Dabs – 52.1% 1 Gram

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  • iHemp Dabs 56.8

    iHemp CBD Dabs – 56.8% 1 Gram

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  • iHemp Dabs77.7

    iHemp CBD Dabs – 70.5% 1 Gram

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  • cbd black syringes

    iHEMP CBD Oil Black 16.6% (choose size)

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  • ihemp cbd gold 25.7%

    iHEMP CBD Oil Gold 25.7% (choose size)

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  • iHemp 39.5%

    iHEMP CBD Oil Gold 39.3% (choose size)

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  • iHEMP CBD Oil Gold 52.1% (choose size)

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  • ihemp-cbd-oil-green-syringe

    iHEMP CBD Oil Green 19.02% (choose size)

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  • CBD concentrate

    iPure Concentrate 3ml 16% CBD

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  • ipure-concentrate-5-3

    iPure Concentrate 3ml 5.3% CBD

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  • FINAL LAP CBD 2oz 1000mg

    NitroPurge™ Final Lap Vape (1000mg) 2oz

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Showing 1–12 of 15 results

iHemp sounds as if Silicon Valley’s tech campuses converted to hemp farms. Truthfully, that’s not far off! This premier brand uses real science to innovate and unlock new products and uses for the world of CBD. Once harvested, their hemp is carefully processed and undergoes high-tech processing and quality testing. The resulting standardized, premium quality, ultra-concentrated CBD-rich hemp oil is then added to every CBD product in their repertoire. It’s a beautiful merger of science and mother nature that is worth every penny.