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CLEEN CBD is one smooth operator. A true innovator in the CBD vape space, CLEEN is reinventing the experience by putting as much thought into its organic full spectrum oils as its hardware. Starting with the cart, CLEEN’s cartridges feature a dual-coil ceramic heat element – free of fiberglass or cotton wicks – and a sleek glass tip that helps deliver its premium four flavors in high-tech ways. The CLEEN experience can be further enhanced with its Max battery pen, a device that offers three voltage settings, a preheat option, and a longer battery life than most pens on the market. It shouldn’t take long to find a favorite of its four proprietary flavor strains: Wedding Cake, Purple Punch, Platinum OG, and Zkittlez.

Common FAQs

Where Can I Find Reviews for Cleen CBD?

User reviews are available on Cleen CBD’s HERE.

Where is Cleen CBD Located?

Cleen CBD is loacted in Southern CA and  produces their products in the United States.

What’s Unique About Vaping CBD?

Vaping CBD is a highly bioavailable method for consuming hemp.  It allows the compounds to absorb into the body at a very fast rate and be active in a uniquely potent way.

What Makes the Vape Products from Cleen CBD So Unique?

Cleen CBD produces uncut CBD vape oil, meaning that it’s not watered down with any fillers.  Additionally, it’s available in a wide range of strains.

What Makes Each Strain Unique?

Hemp comes in a variety of strains, with each strain referring to a unique chemical composition.  Each strain, therefore, boasts unique properties.

Are Cleen CBD Products Full Spectrum?

Cleen CBD uses full spectrum CBD so that each product provides the body with the full array of compounds found in the hemp plant.

Can I Get High from Cleen CBD Products?

You cannot get high from Cleen CBD products because they do not have more than .3% THC to be psychoactive.

Are Cleen CBD Vape Products Flavored?

Cleen CBD vape oils are naturally flavored by the terpenes that exist in the hemp plant.

How Can I Verify the Quality of Cleen CBD Products?

Cleen CBD provides customers with third-party lab results verifying the quality and purity of their products.

Which Milligram Strength Should I Choose?

If you’re a first-time CBD user, we suggest going with the lowest milligram strength that’s available.  You can increase your strength later on if you so desire.


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