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IHL (CBD Hash) was one of the original CBD Hash companies to get into the CBD Space. Quality CBD Hash that you will not find anywhere else. They make a variety of flavors as well. Everything is 3rd party lab tested.

Common FAQs

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash is the resin material that comes from the hemp plant.  It’s highly concentrated, and it’s a dark, thick substance.

Where Does CBD Hash Come from?

The hemp plant naturally produces a resin that is secreted from the flowers, leaves, stems and other portions of the plant.  It’s collected and turned into a consolidated product.

Is CBD Hash the same as Marijuana Hash?

CBD hash and marijuana hash are two different products, as CBD hash comes from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant.


Is CBD Hash Legal?

CBD hash is legal because it does not come from the marijuana plant.

How is CBD Hash Consumed?

Most often, CBD hash is smoked.  It can also be vaped using special vaping devices.

Can CBD Hash Be Used for Cooking Purposes?

CBD hash can definitely be used for culinary purposes.  We suggest finding some recipes to create your own CBD hash dishes.

What Does CBD Hash Taste Like?

CBD hash tastes and smells like the hemp plant.

Is CBD Hash the Same as CBD Flower?

CBD hash and CBD flower are two different products.  CBD hash comes from the sticky hemp resin, while the flower is simply the flower that grows on the plant.

Does CBD Hash Contain Other Plant Compounds?

CBD hash naturally contains all of the plant compounds found in hemp, although these additional compounds can be extracted after the resin has been collected.

Does CBD Hash Require Special Handling Instructions?

CBD hash should be handled with gloves as it can temporarily stain the fingers.

Where Can I Find Reviews for CBD Hash?

You can find real user reviews for CBD Hash HERE.

Where is CBD Hash Located?

CBD Hash is located in the United States.

What is CBD Hash?

CBD hash is the sticky resin that is collected from the buds, stems and leaves of the hemp plant.  It’s more potent than the flowers themselves due to its concentrated nature.

Is CBD Hash Legal?

CBD hash is legal, as are all products that are produced from the hemp plant.

What is CBD Hash Used for?

CBD hash is great for anyone who desires to start a hemp regimen, but wants something uniquely potent.

How Do I Consume CBD Hash?

All of the products from CBD Hash come with a one-hitter pipe.  You can also consume it via a traditional pipe or a water pipe.  Additionally, you can cook with CBD hash.

Does CBD Hash Have a Taste?

CBD hash has a strong herbal taste and aroma.

What is Sativa?

Sativa refers to a category of hemp strains.  Sativa strains tend to be more uplifting and energizing.

Does Each Strain Have a Unique Flavor?

Each strain that’s available has its own unique flavor profile thanks to its chemical composition that consists of a variety of terpenes.

How Long Does CBD Hash Last?

We recommend using CBD hash within a few months of purchase.

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