An Explorative Guide to CBD Concentrates: Dabs, Waxes and Shatter

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Drip

Dabbing have gotten a lot of attention for better or worse. When it comes to legal use, ripping concentrates may be an overwhelming experience because of the sheer amount of cannabinoids entering your body. As the name denotes, it’s extracted highly concentrated compounds.

Fear not with CBD. You know you won’t get high. But will you feel? And how exactly will you consume the CBD, especially if you lack a rig?

Get the overview here and learn about this great method to add to your management system for your condition or wellness.

What are CBD Dabs, Waxes and Shatter?

You may already know that concentrates are available for marijuana. But there’s also a hemp CBD option. You still won’t get high from consuming this more potent concentration of cannabinoids.

Especially if you come from an understanding of dabbing and how hard those highs can hit, make sure to erase that from your mind here!

More potency in this case means a higher dose of medicinal unf to bring you quick relief.

But before all of that, what exactly is this stuff? To the uninitiated, it’s extracted cannabinoids, the chemical components of cannabis, that offer a higher percentage CBD than most products typically offer. Companies use an extraction method called supercritical CO2 extraction to pull out a large quantity of cannabinoids and terpenes while limiting as many contaminants as possible.

With purity in mind, CBD concentrates can take a variety of forms, just like marijuana-derived concentrates. These forms include wax, shatter, budder, live resin and crumble.

On our site, we offer wax and shatter.  

Why Should You Consider CBD Concentrates?

If you’re familiar with CBD, you may have noticed the price point for concentrates may be higher than your vape oil or edibles. A little can go a long way with this type of product! You’re paying for the high potency and quick, lasting relief. We’ll compare how this matches with other consumption methods below.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of why you should get CBD concentrates into your life or your current condition management. Unlike with marijuana-derived concentrates, you don’t have to be worried about consuming too much at once. The only you have in this case is potentially wasting your supply if you get carried away!

Again, there’s no high, so you won’t miss out on productivity because you ingested too much. If you’re already familiar with CBD and other products like gummies or tinctures haven’t been hitting your problem right, give concentrates a shot.

Just like smoking and vaping CBD oil,  the effects are immediate and can last for up to 3 hours. And though you may think concentrates can only be ingested with a rig, you can also use vaporizers! That way, you can keep your relief on you throughout your day.

What tools are necessary for CBD concentrates?

Piggybacking off of how to get concentrates into you, we have some options if you lack tools at home. If you look up a dab rig, you may get intimidated by its intricate glass design and all the additional pieces. Bangers. Enails. Torches.

Our selection isn’t so complicated. You can order a dab rig with select CBD concentrates. Or you can order one of our vaporizers. Since “vapors” is in our name, I’m sure you know we recommend this tool. Again—it’s portable!

Now when it comes to selecting a vaporizer, of course the criteria doesn’t stop there. With vapes, you have to consider temperatures and maintenance of the device.

Heat activates the properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Various temperatures cause beneficial reactions. Higher temperatures can help optimize the potency of the CBD and if there are included terpenes—the scent profile of plants that also have medicinal properties.

Our two options are the Slim and the Dream. The Slim is our cheapest concentrate vape and comes in a variety of colors. Just be sure to only buy this one if you plan to stick with wax. It’s not compatible with other forms of CBD concentrate.

The Dream, on the other hand, is a concentrate powerhouse. It offers three temperatures (in Fahrenheit): 350, 390, and 430. You can stunt or meekly indulge in others admiration with its variety of striking colors.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that vaping is the healthiest way to inhale CBD? If you prefer to smoke hemp CBD flower or you combine your hemp with your marijuana, try adding CBD concentrate!

Dosing and Possible Effects of Ingesting Concentrate

To start off, CBD concentrates may have an overly chill effect on you. It’s not a high, but your level of chill may be uncomfortably, well, chill. If you suffer from anxiety or PTSD, this may be what you’re looking for. Especially if you don’t feel the other products you’ve tried lacked potency.

We have a dosage guide here. But just in general as a reminder, we recommend starting low and going slow with your dosing.

Again, waxes and shatters can contain upward 99% CBD.

So compared to what other CBD things you’ve had the pleasure of exploring, you probably won’t need too much to get the relief.

Also, if you’re familiar with THC tolerance, you may not have to worry about that with CBD. There are studies that reflect that building a CBD tolerance isn’t possible. But there are patrons who claim they’ve needed to increase their dosing over time—though not by a substantial amount.

Be sure to track your usage and work with your physician to find the right balance so that you’re not wasting concentrate. Even with full spectrum product like Hemplucid, the THC is still under 0.3% and more than likely won’t kick off a positive on a drug test.

Full spectrum is great for the entourage effect, which increases the medicinal range of benefits thanks to various cannabinoids and terpenes collaborating.

Various types of profiles for relief and flavor are available with this CBD shatter. They contain properties similar to well-known strains like Pineapple Express and Blueberry OG.

There’s also drug interactions to be aware of. If you’re taking a prescription, NSAIDs, opiates, or other medications, be sure to research possible effects. CBD can possibly help you cut back if you’ve increased doses on meds to nearly lethal levels.

Start Vaping CBD Shatter, Waxes or Dabs Today!

Now you have a solid overview of the great things to think about and anticipate when you start your journey with CBD concentrates.

We recommend you invest in the Dream if you’re going down the concentrate path. It’ll guarantee the most bang for buck when you buy concentrates.

Or consume concentrates your favorite way! Be sure to share this with anyone who may be wary of this wonderful way of consuming CBD.

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland.

The Power of CBD for Pain Relief and Beyond

CBD Pain Relief

 CBD for Pain Relief and Beyond

 LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

CBD is great for pain relief in a myriad of ways. It also helps bring relief to a variety of chronic conditions. And it can be beneficial for wellness issues throughout one’s day.


Though most of the talk surrounding CBD is connected with oil and tinctures, we want to pay respect to topicals. CBD topicals can be used alone. But its effects can enhance and be enhanced by other medications and supplements.


Here we’re going to cover the true ins-and-outs of not just pain relief with CBD, but also pain management. And again, you’ll see how it can help you out, no matter what type of condition you have and how serious your experiences may be.


You’ll also get to learn about a handful of CBD non-topical products that can improve your quality of life when facing pain.


CBD for Your Pain-Inducing Conditions


Before diving into the conditions CBD can help relieve, lets define pain. There’s two prominent types CBD works well against: neuropathic and inflammatory.


Neuropathic pain is triggered by overactive neurotransmitters. It’s a chronic symptom for sufferers of multiple sclerosis. Inflammatory pain involves a different trigger. This is a constant with autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s Disease.


Other conditions that can trigger these two types of pains include fibromyalgia, post-surgery pains and migraines. And of course, those are but a few. CBD pain relief topicals are beneficial for those with joint pain, muscle aches, and even tattoo care. It’s great for athletes or the average person looking to optimize their workout recovery.


You may find that with pain relief comes relief in other areas of your life. You won’t have pain keeping you up at night. You’ll be able to sleep easier and have a more pleasant day. Better sleep means more focus and energy.


If you’re using opiates and NSAIDs like Ibuprofen to address your pain, you probably stopped feeling relief a long time ago. We’ll dive more into the drug interactions with CBD below. It isn’t an all-or-nothing deal with coupling this natural supplement with pharmaceuticals.


Considering other drugs, CBD can also help alleviate addiction. Or at least keep you from consuming lethal doses of pharmaceuticals on your quest for relief. Again, more on that below.


But as for addiction, CBD helps to dial down behavior that cues the harmful habit. And if you need help combatting withdrawal symptoms, CBD can help soothe that as well. However, for these effects, you may need to consume CBD products like tinctures, gummies or capsules.


Overall though, using a CBD topical is great for spot treatment of your pains.


Drug Interactions and CBD for Pain Management

Please consult with your Doctor to see if there are any drug interactions.

Recommended Criteria and Top-Rated Products

We offer a lot of options for CBD topicals! So here’s an overview of how to keep you from getting overwhelmed. CBD is great for anxiety, but we’re focusing on your pain relief here.


Anyway, everyone has the right to feel comfortable. You deserve a pleasant life that isn’t wrought with pain and the problems that stem from that pain. So with that, you want your purchase to be a welcome comfort.


Our topicals come as gels, cremes, salves, oral sprays and freezes. Of the products mentioned, many are quickly absorbed. And the sensations and textures tend to be greaseless while smelling great or neutral. Now here’s your introduction to them.


CBD For the People promises an exceptionally potent experience. Their CBD is “raw”—unrefined and very dark to prove its full spectrum nature. Full spectrum means more cannabinoids and terpenes are intact, which leads to the entourage effect. This helps optimize medical benefits.


This topical is combined with the healing properties of lemongrass and lavender for enhanced effects. A little goes a long way with this product. The initial investment may be your last for months.


Koi is committed to zero-THC products with memorable flavor. It works like a sublingual tincture: spray under your tongue and wait. The waiting enables faster absorption when the pain needs instant relief. And it will last in your system for up to 3 hours.


Reviewers found that the flavors weren’t overbearing. And this Koi spray also includes other cannabinoids like CBN, CBG and CBDV along with CBD. These will help increase the medicinal effects.


Our most well-received topical is by Pure CBD for Life Rub. It also includes medicinal herbs like lavender and lemongrass for you to choose from. It’s a fair price point for those looking to start their pain management journey.


Life with CBD


We have an endless selection for you to soothe the pain that may have eclipsed your betterment. Other than topicals, there’s also concentrates and juices you can vape for instant relief. There’s CBD tinctures and candies for long-term help from the inside. There’s no limit to the combinations you can make to manage your ailment. Just make sure to work with a cannabis-friendly medical professional for the right balance.

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland.

Learn How and Where to Buy CBD Vaporizer Pens Safely

CBD Safety

Learn How and Where to Buy CBD Vaporizer Pens Safely

LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician.

Buying a safe CBD vaporizer pen is of utmost importance these days. You don’t want to become gravely ill or die thanks to a poorly crafted product. And that requires knowing a criteria for quality.

Shrinking away in fear is rarely the best course of action to take when the media is losing its mind with scare tactics. So don’t get scared off from a product that may work for you.

We’re the place to get safe CBD pens. And we’ll teach you our criteria that you can keep in mind.

Maybe you’ll choose elsewhere to make your purchase. And that’s okay!

We just want to make sure you’re armed with the best knowledge. Here’s what we’ll cover:
how to select where to buy
to buy or not to buy disposable cbd pens or not
precautions with certain ingredients
what can you use vaporizers with

Still feeling nervous? Take a deep breath: inhale slowly, then exhale all of that shakiness. Now let’s move forward with information to optimize your CBD shopping experience.
Selecting where to buy CBD pens that are safe
You’re already on our site, so why go elsewhere!

Cue curtain call. Roll credits.

Just kidding. So how do you decide which stores or online shops will keep you out of harm’s way?

The most you want is the security of your business owner’s knowledge of the product. Going to a gas station for CBD isn’t the best move. Especially if you’re not familiar with which brands produce the best quality pens and e-juice.

If you want to shop at a brick-and-mortar establishment, a wellness shop is your best bet. You can also look out for CBD-only stores or if your local dispensaries have wellness shops attached. In the case of the latter, such attachments are open to the public.

Keep in mind that the job of the retailer is to get you to commit to a sale. And that can add undesirable pressure if you have tons of CBD pen options before you.

So shopping online allows you to relax while browsing everything in-stock. And you’ll create a paper trail of information, references and studies to verify if a product is truly safe. A great online shop has an ongoing blog to break up the confusion.

Beyond information, you want a broad selection of vaporizers that offer details of where they were manufactured, same with CBD vape oil.
To buy or not to buy disposable CBD pens
Disposable CBD pens can be great but do consider the long-term usage. For experimenting with a new cartridge or manufacturer or contents, they’re worthwhile.

Since they’re disposable, you can’t refill them: once you’re done, trash them. Which can lead to a lot of waste. So if you include CBD pens in your daily life, consider investing in long-term options like a battery and refillable cartridge.

There are limits with buying disposable pens as well.

Typically, you don’t have the option to vary up the temperature. Temperature can potentially alter wellness benefits from the CBD oil you’re vaping. Especially if it includes terpenes, the aromatic molecules that are present in a variety of plants and studies show they can provide wellness benefits.

Another thing is that you can’t recharge them. This doesn’t matter if you plan to use yours throughout the day for a few weeks, possibly a number of months.

However, they’re pre-charged so once they’re out… they’re out.

It may take quite a bit of time for that to happen. But keep it in mind if you’re prone to trying things and then shelving them for months (or years) at a time before giving it another go.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and what best aligns with your habits. And take a glance at the ingredients list and lab results as well.

Now to get into those meat and potatoes when it comes to safety.

Photo by DedMityay/Getty Images Pro
Precautions with ingredients
Propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are additives that some CBD vape oils are cut with. Others include polyethylene glycol (PEG) and medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.

PEG can form formaldehyde and isn’t used as much thanks to PG. PG is a less harsh thinning agent, but it can be harmful to your lungs at high temperatures.

Also keep an eye out for flavoring compounds like diacetyl and acetyl propionyl. Though safe for ingestion, it’s associated with respiratory illness when inhaled.

It’s not the ingredients alone that may cause issues. High-voltage pens can cause smoldering or burning of additives in your CBD. If your vaporizer has coils, avoid letting them get red hot.

Your best bet for the safest vaping experience is with MCT oil as the carrier.
What can you use vaporizers with?
Before committing to a purchase, read the directions and product description to make sure you’re getting compatible pieces. All vape oils/juices are not made the same–though many are similar.

You want to optimize the quality of your CBD to help you with your wellness goals.

And to make sure you don’t ruin what you paid for. Are you thinking, “What can happen?”

Well, you could end up with incompatible pieces. That means a delay in receiving your CBD. We love to help and we’ll do it quickly—however, this puts a damper on starting or maintaining your CBD lifestyle.

Certain products require a specific treatment for effects. For example, For the People’s CBD vape oils are unrefined, raw and quick thick. So they highly recommend only using their pens for effectiveness.

Guidelines for Choosing the Best CBD Pen for You



Vaping and CBD are very hip these days. So CBD pens are especially outstanding as a product. But other than fighting with a teenager over poor quality CBD vape oil at the gas station, how do you know you’re getting something of quality?

Skip the confusion and check out essential information you need before making a purchase. 

You’ll learn:

  • why this information is important
  • how to select a CBD vape pen
  • about types of vape oil/liquid additives
  • about precautions and side effects  
  • how to properly care for your CBD pen, and
  • how to read lab results

Trust our gold standard and learn how to make the best decision for your needs.  

Why need to know CBD Pens intimately

If you want a great experience with CBD pens, being armed with this information is key to avoiding decision fatigue and ensuring you get the best product for your needs. And this goes beyond a color preference. 

When selecting a vaporizer, consider:

  • your experience level
  • what’s in the CBD vape oil
  • precautions with the oil and pens
  • vaporizer maintenance, and
  • understanding lab results for your oil

Also, are you experimenting to see if this is a method for you? Are you ready to commit but not sure what will last you? Or are you familiar with vaping and need help narrowing down a selection?

The answers will become clearer as you read on.

Selecting a CBD Vaporizer Pen

Picking up a CBD vape pen can be pretty easy. Other than fretting over colors and prices, let’s explore major factors you need to weigh.

Picking a kit

If you’re completely new to vaping CBD, then you’ll want to start here. Our kits come with the battery and CBD oil-filled cartridge and sometimes charger pieces. So you don’t have to guess about pairing the right cartridge with a compatible battery. 

You also don’t have the mess of filling the cart—you can buy multiple pre-filled ones at the time of purchase for some products.

Picking a pen

When it comes to pens, it depends on your intention. If you want to dab, you’ll need a wax pen. If you want to explore the spectrum of flavor profiles and effects of your CBD oil, you’ll want a pen that offers different temperature settings. 

If you don’t need any of that and just want a simple pen to get started, we have those too.

Picking a cartridge

Our carts are available in glass and plastic, and in sizes 0.5mL and 1.0mL. There’s also a variety of colors and the mouthpieces come in two styles to your liking. Since we carry a gold standard for all of our products, selection comes down to your preferences and price range.

Types of Additives in CBD Vape Oils

There are two key additives that can appear in CBD vape oil: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). We can’t deny the debates surrounding their usage in vaporizers. We do have products that contain them. 

And the precautions are mainly surrounding the possible lung irritation PG can cause when it’s too hot. 

When choosing an oil for your CBD pen, be sure to check for these. There are labeled as VG and PG respectively on the product pages. And we list the amount. 

If you’re concerned about PG, definitely go for our VG-dominant or VG-only oils. And be sure to check vaporizers that offer lower voltages so you don’t overheat the PG. 

Careful usage creates a long, positive experience.

Precautions and Possible Side Effects

As you learned, though CBD offers all types of possible benefits, you still need to handle it with care. Especially with CBD pens. Be careful with the metal and glass products that you may purchase as they conduct heat. You don’t want to get burned while you’re trying to relax.

Specific to vaping, you may experience dry mouth. So space out your inhaling and be sure to keep a glass of water nearby. A lemon slice can also help to stimulate your dried-out saliva-producing glands. Consuming CBD may cause drowsiness, increased appetite, changes in mood and others. 

If you’re new to it, take your time figuring out your best dose in a comfortable environment. 

CBD Pen Maintenance

Getting a CBD pen can be a long-term investment. So of course you’ll want to know how to keep it in top shape. Of course, we’re talking more the cartridge or oil tank for cleaning.

To keep your tank in top shape, you can simply rinse it once you’re finished vaping all your CBD or you want to change out vape liquids. Fill a bowl with warm water and rinse until completely clean. Dry it off and then let it set for at least 15 minutes before using. 

If you need to deep clean—especially if you use a very thick, unrefined oil or dabbing wax—remove the tank, place it in a ziplock bag with 90% alcohol and a coarse salt. Shake until the gunk frees itself and then dump out the contents. Rinse thoroughly, dry and let it set before reassembling for use.

How to Read CBD Lab Results

Every great product should have third-party lab testing results via a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This confirms that CBD (and other possible cannabinoids) is actually present in your CBD pen oil. And in such a highly unrelated industry, let’s you verify the safety of the product. 

Here’s what to look out for.


This is the measure of CBD and cannabinoids present in the product. You can verify if the product is truly broad spectrum or full spectrum. So you can determine how much THC is actually present as well. Other cannabinoids like CBC and CBG might add to the benefits you’re looking for.

Image and Lab

This is straightforward: the results should list the name of the testing lab and provide an image of the extracted product. The lab should not be associated with the manufacturer to prevent possible biased results.

Pesticide & Residual Solvent Statuses

The lab results will reflect a “PASS” for both to reflect the lack of contaminants. Especially since you’re inhaling and the effects are immediate, it’s essential for affirming the safety of the product.

Testing for Terpenes

This comes down to preference rather than safety. So not all manufacturers get terpene testing. There were products that suggest a terpene profile but may not show lab results. If they list a known marijuana strain name, try looking it up on Leafly to learn the possible profile.


Whew! That was a lot to take in, but you made it. And now you have a better idea of what types of pens, oils and precautions to keep in mind. 

For an optimal experience with CBD pens, start with one of our kits and then expand from there. You’ll be a discreet, vaping pro in no time.



Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 

The Benefits of CBD For PETS


Pure CBD Oil for Expanding the Lives of Your Beloved Dog or Cat

Finding pure CBD oil for your pet may be a hassle. Especially if you’re new to this and you’re not sure if you want to explore this option.

Look no further! Here you’ll learn these essentials:

  • What exactly is CBD for your pet
  • Reasons to consider CBD for your pet
  • CBD’s legal status
  • If you can share CBD oil with your pet
  • Possible side effects
  • Additional options beyond CBD oil

What is CBD oil for pets?

Pet CBD is any product designed for your backbone-having animals. Like humans, dogs, cats and horses are some of the lovable creatures also have an endocannabinoid system. This intricate part of us creates homeostasis and brings balance that can affect our mood, appetite and mental state.

Specifically with CBD oil, you can struggle with your resistant pet and insert CBD into their mouths. Or you can slip it the proper dosage into their food or treats like a sneaky, kind Game of Thrones character who betters lives instead of murdering. 

So far, our products are helpful for only dogs and cats. Please be sure to double-check before buying. Just because we all share an endocannabinoid system doesn’t our bodies process things the same. 

Why pure CBD for Pets?

Health insurance can be pretty touchy among humans and even more so when it comes to your pets. You may have fallen in love with those big, loving eyes without being warned of the exponential costs of treatments as your fur baby gets older. Or perhaps you adopted them and they already had ailments. Or life unveils conditions in your very young animal.

If you’re tired of pouring money into the same issues that the vet and conventional products have yet to resolve, CBD is worth trying to improve your pet’s quality of life. 

Here’s what CBD oil for your pets may help with:

  • Seizures
  • Anxiety
  • Skin inflammation/allergies 
  • Pain management
  • Calming them during storms and/or loud events

Of course, speak with your vet before committing to a purchase. This cannabinoid may cause issues when interacting with drugs your pet may be prescribed. 

And again, their bodies work differently than ours, so you should follow the guidance of a professional for safe use.

Is CBD legal (for pets)?

Hemp has been legalized by the federal government. But the legal status of CBD is still debated, so rely on your state’s laws before making a purchase. No one has been prosecuted or arrested for online CBD sales, so don’t rack your brain over it too much. 

When it comes to CBD for your pets, that too is being debated. That’s not a legal issue so much as how safe veterinarians feel with it. 

Though many people have great results with proper usage of CBD oil for their furry companions, actual studies are still relatively new. Which makes some vets hesitant about encouraging usage.

California’s vets took a stand, so there is hope! Invest time in finding a vet who’s willing to explore this option.

Is pet CBD oil safe for humans?

CBD oil products are not interchangeable between species. The existence of CBD oil specifically for dogs and cats isn’t an excuse to get you to spend more money. 

Stated before, though we all share an endocannabinoid system, your pets’ bodies are designed differently and thus have different sensitivities to it. For example, THC is actually quite toxic for dogs, similar to how their bodies can’t digest certain foods like chocolate and onions. 

Don’t give your CBD oil to your pets. And if you run out, that doesn’t mean it’s time to explore your cat’s fish-infused CBD oil.

Can CBD oil cause diarrhea in dogs? And other possible side effects

CBD oil may cause diarrhea in dogs if they’re given copious amounts. Of course, “copious” can vary depending on the size of your dog, as well as possible overdosing. 

Other possible side effects may arise if your pet has a prescribed medication. So again, work with your vet to prevent negative drug interactions. More on that here.

Where to get pure CBD pet treats?

Maybe you don’t want to be bothered with the mess of CBD oil. Or you’ve tried it and your precious pet refuses to touch their food afterward. The next best option then is CBD treats!

If using a dropper is difficult or you just want to have CBD on the go, we have a variety of soft chews for your dog. Each brand promises a taste that your pet may enjoy more than the oil.

Perhaps you’re just not feeling CBD oil and treats all the time. For those wanting a more medical feel, we also offer capsules for dogs and cats. 


Now that you have an idea of how our pure CBD oil can help your pets, work with your vet or a CBD-friendly vet. 

The possible benefits are great. But getting the right dosage is essential to ensuring you and your pet live happily ever after with your purchase. And keep in mind that figuring out the appropriate amount can take some time.

Check out our CBD for Pets section here to get started if you’re ready!


The Essential Q&A Guide for CBD Vape Oils

Pure CBD Vapors Logo

CBD Vape Oil

The Essential Q&A Guide for CBD Vape Oils

LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician or veterinarian. 

CBD is in everything these days. Be it gummiesor lotions, you may be at a loss for where to start. Especially when CBD is crossing over into Juul pods and are apart of the vaping craze.

 But where do you get started with vaping? We have a vast collection of CBD vape oil and it’s catered to your needs. If you’re unsure of what those needs may be, that’s what this entire post is about.

You’ll learn about possible effects, precautions, and legal status. And we’ll give you a glimpse of top-rated products to start off with if the choices get to overwhelming.

Why use cbd vape oil? Is cbd vape oil good for my condition?

If you’re looking for quick relief, CBD vape oil may be a solution for your condition or discomfort. Upon inhalation, the CBD directly enters your bloodstream to bind to CB receptors that are apart of everyone’s endocannabinoid system. 

This internal system helps regulate our body, especially complex systems like the central nervous system and digestion. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for relief from daily anxiety and stress.

It may help while you’re waiting on NSAIDs or other medications to kick in.

Is CBD vape oil legal?

It depends. With the passing of the Farm Bill 2019, CBD’s legal status is Federally it is legal, but up to each individual state.

Pretty much everything on the market is not derived from federal hemp. 

We haven’t heard of anyone being arrested for buying CBD online, so don’t worry about that. Just make sure to double-check your state’s laws as some outright ban it. 

Will CBD vape oil get me high? What other effects might I feel?

Hemp-derived CBD vape oil will not get you high. We encourage full spectrum use, which means the product contains the whole plant—that includes the less than 0.3% THC that can enhance possible benefits.

CBD is cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid or chemical compound of hemp and marijuana. And again, our products don’t contain a notable amount of THC, so you more than likely won’t feel euphoria or appetite stimulation from inhalation.

You may feel side effects such as dry mouth, changes in appetite, drowsiness, lowered blood pressure and possible drug interactions. More details on precautions below.

How does CBD vape oil work? How do I measure dosages?

Work with your doctor to see how CBD could help improve your quality of life.

As for dosage which is still unique to each individual, it’s always recommended that you start low and go slow with inhalations. You want to see the minimum your body needs to bring relief.

Following Dr. Sulak’s recommendation, start with a single inhalation and wait 15 minutes for effects before inhaling again.

Can CBD vape oil go bad? How do I take proper care of it?

Like any other product, CBD can lose its potency over time. Vaping oil is concentrated cannabidiol that can include extracted or added cannabinoids and terpenes. All of these components will inevitably degrade. But keep these storage tips in mind to make your product last.

Similar to cannabis-derived extracts, the enemies of CBD vape oil are light, heat, air and time. Exposure to any of these can cost you the quality of what you invested in to help bring balance to your body and mind. If you’re buying multiple cartridges in advance or a bottle of oil, you’ll definitely want to prioritize effective storage methods. You want an environment that’s cool, dark, dry and ideally still such as refrigerators and low cabinets. 

Double-check details on each product you purchase. Extraction methods can vary, which may affect recommended storage options for longevity.

What strength CBD vape oil do I need?

Start low and go slow, especially if you’re new to CBD. Even if you have a debilitating condition and you’re coming to vaping out of desperation, we still encourage you to take your time with dosing. Check out our details on that here.

Seeing all the different amounts of CBD and percentages per product can be pretty overwhelming! Extraction methods can also affect potency and we offer whole plant products as well as isolates if you’re wary of the THC.

Choose what you feel is best for the severity of your condition and with your physician’s recommendations.

No matter how much you order, follow the recommendations from before—inhale once and see how you feel. 

Comparisons: CBD vape oil vs tincture, capsules, drops, etc.

There are a lot of CBD products and our large selection may not make the decision fatigue any easier. Consider what your comfort is when it comes to each item and the type of effect you’re looking for.

As you were informed before, CBD vape oil is great for quick relief, as you may feel desired effects instantly. A quick result, in this case, means that your improved mood can last up to 1-3 hours. 

Tinctures can kick in within 15-60 minutes depending on how long you hold the CBD under your tongue before swallowing. Absorption under the tongue means CBD gets directly into your bloodstream, but the swallowing means it also enters your digestive track. 

So similar to an edible, effects can last up to 3-6 hours. This is primarily the case for capsules and drops. 

It really depends on your body’s response to the amount you consume. Again, make sure to work with a physician and record your dosing and the duration of possible medicinal benefits.

In any case, use is not mutually exclusive—you are free to use as many products together as you become familiar with your body’s interaction with CBD.

Consume with caution: CBD vape oil and driving, breastfeeding, traveling, and drug interactions

Consider these precautions before purchasing CBD. Given the possible effects of drowsiness and fatigue, it’s currently not recommended that you vape while driving and/or performing hazardous work. 

For people who are pregnant or nursing, there aren’t enough studies yet to assert that CBD consumption is safe for infant and child development. Only proceed with the support of your doctor.

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, tread lightly and work with a medical professional like Dr. Dustin Sulak if you want to introduce CBD vaping into your routine. Drugs like opiates and NSAIDs were created with your liver in mind to prevent toxicity—CBD can inhibit the enzyme in this process.

We must mention propylene glycol. That’s a thinning agent that can be harmful depending on the temperature. If you’re wary of that, we have products listed below that omit it. You can read more on this ingredient and possible side effects here.

Last, be sure to read the fine print of air travel when it comes to bringing your CBD vape oil and vaporizer on a flight.

Which CBD vape oil is best? Can I get it without propylene glycol?

Does it come with terpenes?

In case you’re new to buying this, here’s key criteria to keep in mind:

  • Amount of CBD per bottle and serving
  • Size of the bottle
  • Amount of product: bottle, cartridge(s), multi-packs
  • Exraction type: full spectrum (whole plant, less than 0.3% THC),  broad spectrum (can include added terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids except THC), isolate (CBD-only)
  • Flavors

If you’re unsure of where to start, here are some of our best brands that offer an array of options.

Pure CBD Vapors

  • Affordable
  • No propylene glycol
  • Full spectrum
  • Great flavors: Strawberry Bliss, Wowi Maui, Purple Haze, Peach Kush

CBD For the People

  • Can also be used as sublingual tincture
  • Highly potent, so a little goes a long way
  • Recommended that you don’t share it with other vaporizers
  • Flavors: Raw Natural, Raw Lemon, Raw Orange, Raw Peppermint
  • Company offers free CBD education consultations
  • Full spectrum: includes terpenes and cannabinoids


  • 0% THC
  • Partial propylene glycol
  • Flavors: Vanilla Caramel, Watermelon-Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, Blue Raspberry-Dragon Fruit, Strawberry Milkshake, Flavorless

If you’re looking for a vape kit, we highly recommended Americana Uncut or our starter kit. The Pure CBD Vapors kit offers full spectrum CBD with organic terpenes from Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG or Natural.

Each option offers an array of CBD varying from 25mg to 1000mg per bottle/kit. Please consider the amount per serving.

Shop with Confidence

That was a lot of information, but we’re confident you’ll have no problem applying what you’ve learned when you make your purchase. If you want to explore the possibilities of quick relief, our selection of CBD vape oil, vaporizers and more may help. 

Let us know which product works for you and how you used it. It may help the next person who may be looking for solutions by vaping CBD.

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland

Pure CBD Vapors Coupon Code “Pure100” and Save when Exploring CBD with our Top-Rated Product Guide

For the People 4800mg CBD

LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician, or veterinarian. 

There are A LOT of CBD products on the market and we know our extensive line-up doesn’t make decision making any easier for you. 

That’s what this guide is for.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what our product categories are, what you can expect for possible effects, and what the top-rated products are in each category. If you want to learn more details of the effective window or whatever, click on the links in each section for blog posts for your specific questions.

Take a look below and use our coupon code PURE100 to save on your total purchase of items you want to explore.

CBD Vape Oil

Vapors is in our company name, so you know we have some of the best CBD vape oil products online. They’re great for discretion, portability and the possible onset of quick effects.

We go into detail of our highest-rated products hereLINK. We offer a lot so here’s other customer favorites we recommend:

CBD Oil Tinctures

Oil tinctures can be ingested sublingually or added to enjoyable foods and drinks (depending on the flavor of your choice). The delivery method affects how quickly effects can set in and how long they may last. More details on that here.

Regular customers love these products:

CBD Rubs and Creams

If you’re looking for options for spot treatment for external pains, consider our topicals. Our products can help with musculoskeletal aches or muscle pains from working out.  Learn more details about absorption and possible effects here.

Here’s what our community loves:

CBD Capsules and Drinkables

If you’re looking for more of a modern CBD feel, drinkables and capsules may be up your alley. Capsules are especially great for measuring doses.

Like edibles, the CBD must travel through your digestive system to get into your bloodstream for you to feel effects. That means 30-90 minutes until you feel something. 

Here are our recommended products:

CBD Health and Beauty

Perhaps you’re turning to CBD as an option for daily skin care or just to improve your time in the bedroom. 

These products are lifestyle supplements worth exploring if you’re feeling adventurous: 

CBD for Pets

The endocannabinoid system doesn’t stop with humans. It’s also present in other mammals like dogs, cats and horses. And if you’re a pet parent who’s exhausted options for helping your fur baby overcome their anxiety, skin issues or other ailments, CBD may help. 

Of course, speak with your veterinarian for suggestions for safe use.

Here are our customer’s favorites for their pets:

JUUL Compatible CBD Pods

JUUL pods aren’t just for nicotine consumers. We offer CBD pods that are compatible with the JUUL battery that you may already have. Head here if you want to learn more about the great benefits it may provide—smoking cessation being one of them!

Check out the best products here:

CBD Vape Kits and Cartridges

Finding the right vape oil and pens can be a time-consuming headache. Especially if you’re new to CBD and all the different criteria. Give yourself a break and settle down with one of our vape kits. 

They come with a single cartridge and battery. And if you like a brand, you can keep buying cartridges instead of going through the mess of refilling. 

Here’s what we recommend:

CBD Dabs, Shatters and Waxes

If you know you need high potency, these CBD concentrates are where it’s at. The effects can be instant and a little goes a long way with these. You’ll want to take your time increasing as necessary to find your ideal dose. 

For more details about concentrates, read here. Otherwise, here’s what we suggest:

CBD Vape Pens, Batteries and Refillable Cartridges

You may want to leapfrog over the vape kits or you just need another vape because of your various oils and e-juices. Or maybe you’re ready to use concentrates and need proper device. Batteries might be the least of your troubles and you just need cartridge replacements.

We have them all here—and our customers love them.

CBD Gummies/Edibles

We offer a variety of CBD tasty edibles and gummies. If you’re looking to feel effects longer, these types of products can be pretty beneficial. It may take 30-90 minutes to feel a difference, but you may feel relief for 3-6 hours. It all comes down to your digestive tract and potency.

Here’s what we suggest you start with:

CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates

If you’re familiar with vaping and like to dabble with additives, check out our vape drips. You can add these products to your current vape oil or e-juice if you’re looking to mix some CBD into your current stash. Just make sure to double-check the directions to make sure it’s compatible with your cartridges and oils.

Here’s what we suggest:

Start Your Exploration Today!

And there you have. A complete layout of some of our top-rated products in every category. Don’t forget to use the coupon code to get 10% off your total order. 

Let us know how our products are working for you by leaving a review on your favorite products and make sure to share our site to those looking to start their CBD journey.


Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 

4 Vital Questions and Answers about CBD Topicals and Creams

Nature's Script CBD Pain Gel 4oz

Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze


LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

You hear plenty about cannabis and CBD and how to consume them via tinctures, vaping, smoking, gummies and more. It’s great to take care of our bodies from the inside-out, but sometimes you need a new approach.

Our skin is its own complicated system part of our body that’s connected to the endocannabinoid system. Which means that you can target pain or skin issues directly.

With CBD topicals available in cleansers, lubricants, pain-relieving gels and lotions, how do you narrow down your search? And how do you figure out what will be best for you?

We provide all that clarification here so that you’re optimizing your purchase and finding the comfort you deserve.

What is a CBD topical, cream or salve?

A CBD topical—creams, salves, ointments, gels, lotions—is a cannabidiol-infused holistic supplement that can be applied to your skin for relief or treatment. There are also even sexual lubricants you can use and self-care items like bath bombs and body cleansers.

In this sense, CBD topicals are great for beauty routines and pain management. Our selection of products offer an array of choices that you may be able to combine.

CBD is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound of cannabis and hemp with medicinal benefits. It’s non psychoactive, though the same can be said for THC topicals. With that said, some products may contain less than 0.3% THC and additional herbs with terpene profiles that may expand the therapeutic index of your topical.

If you consume CBD and haven’t had much relief with external symptoms, then using a topical can help with spot treatment.

What can topical CBD help with?

CBD topicals may help with wellness and chronic/acute conditions. It isn’t a cure, but it is a method for providing fast-acting relief. Here’s how it can help in these two angles.

From a wellness perspective, CBD topicals take the forms of face cleansers, lotions, tattoo recovery gel and sexual lubricant. Because they tend to exclude harsh chemicals that are in standard products, our selection is a great alternative.

For day-to-day occurrences, the analgesic or pain-relieving salves, creams and freezes also work for muscle aches and back pains. Those can come from intense exercising, so CBD topicals also work great for recovery and preparation for fitness.

What precautions should you be aware of? 

You should always consult with your physician before using CBD with any medications.

Opiate and NSAID doses were formulated by pharmacists who considered how well these drugs can be flushed through your liver. Typically, CBD inhibits an enzyme that assists in this process. But that requires it to enter your bloodstream.

Though CBD is easily absorbed into the skin, it doesn’t travel farther beyond that. So you don’t have to worry about altering your medication when you pick up one of our topicals.

That said, still work with a physician to determine how to add CBD salves and creams to managing your condition or if you add it to your wellness routine.

You still need to be cautious for possible allergic reactions though. Especially if you have sensitive skin or an autoimmune disease.

What should you look for when buying CBD topicals?

Checking ingredients is key to deciding on what to buy–again, to prevent allergic reactions. This also includes your desired sensations.

For example, if you’re sensitive to fragrance from tea tree oil or you hate the residue of menthol, you’re encouraged to double-check ingredients before adding a product to your cart.

On the flip side, you may be looking to optimize the effects of CBD. And what better way to do that than with the entourage effect (we love talking about that around here).

If you’re not concerned about less than 0.3% THC and you care for terpenes, you want full spectrum topicals that include essential oils as well as extracted or added hemp terpenes.

Also, there’s the amount of CBD per container. This is important if you require potent products for your level of pain. We can’t offer a measurement system per serving. But we advise you to use a small amount and see how it affects you before applying a generous yet effective amount.

Our recommendations

Choosing which CBD product to try from our vast CBD topical sections can be overwhelming, so here are some options to narrow it down. Doesn’t matter if it’s just for wellness or for addressing an ailment—we got your back.

CBD For The People’s 3-pack of lavender, tea tree and lemongrass salves contain 1200mg of CBD total and is our most unrefined topical. They’re committed to full spectrum, whole-plant help, so this salve contains a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Many manufacturers only extract CBD, so the possible medicinal boosters like THC and naturally occurring hemp terpenes get lost. So give this a try if you haven’t had luck with other pain relieving topicals and need high potency for targeting pain.

And don’t let the price scare you. A little goes a long way, so you’ll have these salves for a while. We also offer each product separately if 3 jars are too much.

Pure CBD cleanser is a great wellness option. It’s great for daily cleansing and CBD works as an anti-inflammatory agent to keep your skin in healthy condition. If you’re sensitive to chemical irritants that are standard in soaps, this is a great break from those that your skin will appreciate.

Don’t wait–get relief today!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to CBD, you’re one of our occasional customers or you’re a CBD veteran looking explore some topicals. We offer plenty of variety to help tackle your current wellness hiccup or chronic condition.

Let us know which product you want to experiment and share it! We’d love to hear how it works well for you, a relative, a peer or everybody. We have something for everyone.

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland.

How CBD Tinctures May Help with PTSD Now and in the Future

LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects at least 10% of the United States population. And the current solutions offered by our government and the market aren’t cutting it.

You’re just trying to make a living and live your best life. But the trauma of your past can make you feel trapped in your mind. You’re reliving the pain and it’s eclipsing your ability to rest, connect with others and have peace with yourself.

And you may have chronic physical pain from your trauma or from the mental manifesting in your body. So you’ve gone to your doctor or the government for something. Anything.

Pharmaceuticals aren’t meant for chronic use. But without many legal options available, again you feel stuck on how you can move forward.

That’s where CBD tinctures come in. Research keeps coming in that shows how CBD can truly help you heal your PTSD.

Here’s what’s known now and what can be done to better your future with your condition.

CBD tinctures are not a cure

We won’t give you the empty promise that CBD can cure you of PTSD.

That is an ongoing journey of management that will require a variety of methods. So we can promise you that CBD tinctures are an effective tool for bringing you relief.

You’ll learn about how CBD helps relieve a variety of symptoms below. Those symptoms can include insomnia, anxiety, depression, and possibly addiction depending on a variety of factors.

This isn’t to say addiction is an inevitably. But if it’s a problem you struggle with, CBD has proven to help with that as well.

In any case, you can find reprieve with CBD. Especially if you lack access to medical cannabis or your livelihood could be at risk for marijuana usage.

When your symptoms kick in, CBD tinctures can be quick-acting if you take it sublingually.

But you should also consider that CBD is helping to bring homeostasis to your endocannabinoid system. It’s helping to bring you balance from the feelings that may grip you at certain moments.

So don’t just think of sublingual tinctures as a quick fix when things get hard with your condition. Consumption is apart of an ongoing journey in wellness, so there’s a number of ways you can ingest tinctures.

Memory & CBD

Going back to the basics, post traumatic stress disorder is rooted in highly traumatic events that cause a variety of chronic disturbances. With that said, that opens up to the fact that PTSD can manifest from a variety of occurrences.

It’s not just a condition military veterans have to survive. It can happen to civilians and can come from physical and emotional abuse and catastrophic events. And as you know, the problems and symptoms branching out from it are rooted in memory.

You know these memories are fear-based and can be especially debilitating. So the CBD tinctures are addressing crossover issues with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) and your brain.

The amygdala is the part of your brain that handles flight-or-fight responses and stress, thus it’s a fear-based component. Because you weren’t able to address the fear, your amygdala is overactive and keeps you locked in a cycle of the past.

Studies have found that CBD can help you mitigate that fear. With the tinctures, you’re rebalancing your ECS, which helps to relax your amygdala and stimulate your hippocampus, the memory storage portion of your brain.

Considering this, studies consider that this process can even help you forget such binding memories with CBD. More research is needed to confirm.

PTSD Symptoms CBD Helps With

You’re familiar with your symptoms. Insomnia instilled by nightmares or flashbacks. Anxiety and depression that limit your ability to interact with the world without feeling low. You may have developed an unhealthy addiction to junk food, cigarettes, or opiates if you’re also treating chronic pain.

CBD tinctures can help with all these symptoms. Here’s the breakdown of how:

  • Chronic stress: mentioned before, CBD helps decrease cortisol (stress hormone) production and regulates an overactive amygdala.
  • Sleep disturbance: CBD can help ease away the noise of endless chatter in your mind while you’re drifting off to sleep. And again, it can balance your ECS so to get your fearful mind to lay off the nightmares
  • Inability to reduce fear: tinctures can help with pushing those fearful experiences further into the past and may help make them fade over time
  • Chronic anxiety: endless chatter, worry and fear can keep you trapped in your own mind; CBD can help break that wheel so you can use your brain for imagining fun scenarios
  • Depression: the feelings of inertia, sluggishness, disinterest and numbness can fade away as CBD works its way through those worn down parts of your mind
  • Addiction (cigarettes, food, alcoholism, opiates as a response): when your episodes with PTSD get to be too much, you may develop a crutch or three to get through each day. Studies show that CBD can help cut back your cues to partake in your addiction. In the case of medications—they were never meant for chronic use—CBD can help increase the medicinal effects of your prescribed drug. That helps decrease the amount of pills you need for relief.

From a holistic standpoint, mental pain can manifest as physical discomfort. Embracing CBD tinctures as a possible long-term solution for your PTSD healing can bring balance to your entire life.

What if you feel tinctures aren’t working for you?

What if you’ve had experience with CBD tinctures and you’ve never felt relief for your PTSD? CBD can get pretty expensive and you’re justified in feeling frustrated that your hard-earned money isn’t yielding results.

Here’s some things to consider:

  • Is it an isolate or full spectrum or broad spectrum? If your product is CBD only, you may benefit from our selection that includes terpene profiles and less than 0.3% THC. There’s also broad spectrum.

It includes various cannabinoids—other cannabis chemical compounds with medicinal benefits—with the exception of THC. There’s a low possibility of you getting a positive drug test.

  • What’s the terpene profile? Terpenes are the aromatic molecules in plants. That includes marijuana, hemp, peppermint, black pepper and lemongrass.

Though terpenes typically are in small percentages, they can offer medicinal benefits and thus help create the entourage effect. Check to see if what you’ve been using includes these.

  • What’s the extraction process? This matters because it reflects the quality and potency of your CBD tincture. Is it gold? Is it black? Was it butane extracted? Or CO2 extracted?

There’s a variety of types and the best way to check quality is with lab results. All good companies offer third-party lab results.

We also recommend that if you’re only using tinctures, you ought to change things up and start adding in other types of CBD products.

  • Vaping oil or concentrates is great for quick-acting relief.
  • If you have migraines, a stiff neck or other pains, a CBD topical can help.
  • Maybe you’re tired of the taste of tinctures or don’t like adding it to things—grab some CBD edibles or capsules!

It doesn’t hurt to add more options to your management plan.

Stay strong healing PTSD with CBD tinctures

With CBD tinctures, think of the journey you’re on. It may not be a cure, but CBD is helping you on the path of healing for PTSD. This harmful, debilitating condition may no longer rob you of your well-being, your relationships or your livelihood with CBD.

But you still have to experiment with what works best for you to improve your quality of life.

And CBD tinctures are a fine way to move in that direction.


Cannabidiol as a Therapeutic Alternative for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: From Bench Research to Confirmation in Human Trials

Cannabinoid Science Sheds New Light on the Darkness of PTSD

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland.

Americana Uncut: the exceptional CBD vape and oil that sets itself apart

americana uncut logo

Americana Uncut: the exceptional CBD vape and oil that sets itself apart

 LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

Every now and then we get a new brand in stock that blows everything else away. Last month we added Americana Uncut to our inventory and it’s something special. Especially since it’s a Pure CBD Vapors exclusive!

Whether you’re trying to reduce anxiety, manage chronic pain, stop smoking tobacco, balance out your THC-heavy cannabis consumption or manage any other ailment with the power of CBD, we got you. It’s a great product no matter your experience and we know you’ll enjoy it.

Americana Uncut is a top quality CBD vape oil that does so much that other brands aren’t, especially in such an unregulated market.

Choose Americana!

It’s hinted in the brand name for this CBD vape oil—Americana Uncut is made in the USA. This matters a lot when many manufacturers and brands in the space use low quality ingredients and materials. The reality is that quality control is still a work in progress. So for your health, you want to know what is and isn’t present.

Most vaping tools are from abroad. And again, since the market is unregulated, the shoddy construction can cause damage to your respiratory system in the long run. You want to purchase from CBD companies who prioritize your betterment when creating products. And that’s at the heart of this CBD vape brand.

You get two options: a cartridge or a vaporizer kit with an included cart. Both are well-constructed with the and the Americana Uncut vaporizer offers multiple temperature options. We’ll go into why that’s great for your experience below.

Also, this brand uses materials that’s grown in Oregon, Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina, Montana, Maine, and Vermont. We’re all-American, baby! Most CBD products include imported hemp.

So be apart of a major step in the advancement of cannabis legislation thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Again, this is about quality. And quality is knowing where what you’re buying is made and how much care went into ensuring that your investment won’t harm you. Americana Uncut makes itself exceptional because the brand deliberately prioritizes your needs.

We—both Pure CBD Vapors and Americana Uncut—promise you will “enjoy what no other company has been able to accomplish.”

So let’s flesh that out more.

How quality breeds high potency

When purchasing any CBD vape oil, there are a myriad of parts of the product that are important. Go beyond the amount of CBD in the cartridge and knowing if the cart is a 510 thread!

Americana Uncut CBD vape oil contains raw organic non-GMO hemp that’s decarboxylated (or decarbing). And it’s full spectrum. Ultimately, this means you’re getting the best of the best for medicinal benefits.

The short and sweet of decarbing is that “activates” the CBD and optimizes its effect for your ailment. This also matters for the less than 0.3% THC within hemp that boosts powers up CBD.

And decarbing preserves the natural terpenes in the hemp flower. Which also strengthen the soothing powers of CBD.

As mentioned often, the combination of these compounds creates the entourage effect. That has a reputation for enhancing relief. And ultimately, all this means is that you’re getting an optimal product with the highest potency it can offer.

No short cuts or cheating you out of your money.

Americana Uncut CBD vape oil also includes added terpenes from classic cannabis strains like AC/DC, Trainwreck, Grape Ape and OG Kush.

Here’s what to consider about them when you make your purchase.

Terpenes: the nose knows

Terpenes are just as important as cannabidiol (AKA CBD) and THC in helping you attain and retain relief. Present as aromas in all types of plants (not just cannabis and hemp), they’re a volatile compound that boost healing effects.

Specifically, they can enhance or diminish compounds in hemp. They can create different possibilities for effects on your body. Which is why an understanding of the classic strains will help you in choosing which Americana Uncut cart or kit to start with.

Here’s a quick overview of the strain-inspired terpene profiles:

OG Kush may provide a relaxed, euphoric and uplifted vibe. It’s a hybrid strain, balanced between sativa and indica. This is especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety and depression or just need a little kick in the direction of optimism.

Grape Ape is an indica that offers relaxing, happy and sedative possibilities.

Trainwreck is another hybrid but leans more towards being a sativa. With that, you can expect energizing, uplifting and euphoric feelings. Since this is a CBD product, you don’t have to worry about anxiety kicking in and throwing your brain for a loop! This is great for the morning and daytime use if you need to take the edge off.

AC/DC is a CBD rich hybrid that promises a relaxing and uplifting vibe. Another option for those suffering from anxiety and just need to slow down and feel happy about it.

And this isn’t where the benefits stop. The type of battery also adds to creating your optimal experience.

Get the kit: why the battery matters

It’s worthwhile to invest in the Americana Uncut vape kit, even if you already have a 510 thread battery. What makes this brand of battery exceptional is that you can change the temperature.

If you don’t already have a variable voltage battery, then your best bet is to buy the kit. This type of battery is required to use with the cartridges.

Why does changing the temperature matter? It’s yet another factor that enhances the effects and will give you an exceptional experience compared to other CBD vape oil brands.

Considering the cost, it’s only an extra $20 for a compatible product that’s guaranteed to work with the cartridges of your choice.

The battery flashes 3 colors to reflect the temperature: white, blue and red (go USA!). That’s in order from warm to hottest. And the outstanding benefits for those?

Blue is recommended for indulging in the flavor of the terpenes of the strain you select.

Red is recommended for bigger hits—be that making vapor clouds or needing more CBD in you in one go.

Get it and join the movement

And there you have it! Americana Uncut is our high potency CBD vape oil that sets itself apart.

It marks the beginning of a new era in cannabis legalization and can be a new beginning for bettering your quality of life.

Other than deciding a terpene profile, you can buy up to 3 cartridges in one go and the battery comes in 3 colors: silver, black and gun metal.

If you value quality, this is the CBD product for you!

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 

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