Being Extra “Kind” at Pure CBD Vapors

If you haven’t heard, CBD flowers are becoming all the rage.  For those who don’t know, CBD flowers are simply the flowers that have been picked straight off of the hemp plant.  They contain a high amount of CBD, as well as the full variety of compounds native to hemp, such as cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, all of which are considered to be desirable.

CBD flowers are unique from other hemp products that we’ve come to know and love because they’re essentially hemp in its purest form, completely unadulterated.  This is great for hemp purists who want the most authentic CBD experience possible.  Also, consuming CBD flowers is a unique experience in and of itself.  In order to consume CBD flowers, a person must have the proper equipment.

The Kind Pens at Pure CBD Vapors

The Kind Pen is a line of vaping devices specifically designed and suited for CBD flower.  This makes it easy for a person to have the most enjoyable and successful experience with this unique and exciting type of CBD product. All of these pens utilize convection rather than conduction for a more even and smooth experience.

The Kind Pen TruVa Flower Convection Vape

The Kind Pen TruVa Flower Convection Vape is a highly portable flower vaporizer that boasts a plethora of advanced and exciting features.  For one thing, it offers three individual temperature settings so that you can customize your hits easily.  It heats up your flower within a 30 second time window, and the vapor that is produced is as smooth as velvet.

The TruVa can contain 0.8 grams of flower within its chamber.  The chamber is considerably large, which is great for those who want to pack up their vape for the rest of the day, or for those who like to share their flower with their buddies. 

The Kind Pen TruVa Mini 2.0 Flower Convection Vape

The TruVa Mini 2.0 is a smaller, more pocket-friendly take on its famous predecessor, and it’s just as reliable, advanced and durable.  It uses an integrated 2200mAh battery for power, and it contains a quartz chamber that can hold 0.3 grams of flower.  A digital OLED display screen lets you adjust your various settings such as temperature and memory mode.  In fact, the temperature settings are numerous.  It heats up your flower in 20 seconds, and provides silky smooth hits thanks to the use of convection.

The Kind Pen STATUS Flower Convection Vape

This affordable flower vaporizer is portable enough to be enjoyed throughout the day.  You can set your device between 350 and 430 degrees with ease thanks to the OLED display screen on the chassis of the mod. 

This mod, like the others, uses convection for an even and smooth vaping experience.  It features a ceramic chamber for even heat distribution, and this chamber can contain 0.5 grams of flower.  The battery built into this device can last between three and four hours depending on the fullness of your hits. 

The Kind Pen Orion Flower Convection Vape

This is the most affordable pen from the collection, and it’s also the most portable.  It utilizes a single hovering temperature setting, and it heats up your flower in 30 seconds.

The Orion can hold 0.5 grams of flower within its chamber.  The chamber is made from resilient stainless steel.  While the other devices have display screens so that users can adjust their settings, this one utilizes a single-button interface due to its lack of adjustable options.  This allows for a more user-friendly experience among those who don’t desire fussing with technology when vaping.

Kind Pens at Pure CBD Vapors Allow for the Best CBD Flower Vaping Experience Possible

Choose from the four above based on your unique preferences.  Each one is reliable, advanced, easy to operate and specifically engineered in a way that lets you get the most out of your CBD flowers.

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