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Top CBD Products for 2020 | CBD Oil, Gummies & Flower

Updated September 6th, 2020

Now that we’re making our way toward the third quarter of 2020, it’s time to reevaluate the CBD market. This industry is constantly evolving, diversifying and, of course, growing at an absolutely astounding pace.  Today’s hemp market offers a wider array of unique products than ever before, as the technology behind CBD continues to advance. That’s why more companies are finding ways to put their unique imprint on this exciting industry. 

At Pure CBD Vapors, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the ever-evolving CBD industry. We want customers to have access to only the latest and greatest that the market has to offer today.  You can easily find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping for CBD on our website.  We offer such an enormous variety of innovative and unique products that you’ll have no trouble coming up with a fully personalized routine that helps you meet even the most specific hemp-related goals.

We at Pure CBD Vapors have a pretty simple philosophy.  As the market remains pretty unregulated, we dedicate ourselves to offering only the highest-quality hemp that exists today.  Not only do we carry top-rated, highly trusted brands that have all of their hemp tested by third-party laboratories, but we also offer our own line of CBD products that are developed with the highest industry standards that exist.  This means that no matter what product or products you go with at Pure CBD Vapors, you can rest easy knowing that it’s legitimate, high in quality, free of harmful impurities and fully capable of satisfying your CBD needs and desires.

But, as CBD enthusiasts ourselves, we know that the massive variety of products that are out there today can be quite overwhelming.  This is especially true if you’re someone who is new to CBD and doesn’t know what makes one product unique from the next in terms of how it affects you.  That’s why we’ve created our list of the top CBD products for 2020.  We’ll cover a variety of delivery methods, hemp extracts, brands, price points, and more! This will ensure that you’ll more than definitely find a product that meets your unique criteria by the time you finish this article.


pure cbd vapors cbd oil

If there’s one type of CBD product that isn’t going anywhere, it’s CBD oil.  This is perhaps the most versatile CBD product type that there is, as it can be used for a variety of delivery methods.  CBD oil is most commonly used sublingually as an oral tincture, but that’s not all that it’s capable of.  When applied to the skin, it works as a potent topical that absorbs quickly.  And, when mixed in with food, it functions as an edible that is easily processed through the gut tract and liver.

Pure CBD Vapors understands that the demand for CBD oil is high, while also being aware of the fact that each CBD oil formula brings something new to the table.  That’s why our CBD oil page offers such an enormous number of options.  Below, you’ll discover some of our very favorites that we have available.

#1: CBD For the People 1200mg 30ml (Sublingual)

cbd for the people

Easily one of our top-selling CBD oil products, and it’s easy to see why.  The brand is renowned for their exceptional hemp formulas that start with some of the finest organically grown hemp in the world.  They use the CO2 extraction process, which is known to yield a superior product.  And, like any good CBD company, they offer their lab results to customers.

This 1200mg oil boasts a higher-than-average potency, and most of our customers enjoy taking it daily.  One thing that makes this particular CBD oil unique is that it contains raw hemp extract, meaning that the compounds have not undergone a process of decarboxylation.  While the compounds may be less activated in the body, many believe that consuming the compounds in raw form offers unique benefits that cannot be achieved through other methods.  Additionally, as the extract is full spectrum, it offers every single compound native to hemp to produce the entourage effect.

#2: Entourage Hemp Whole Flower Tincture 1000mg – 24% Total Cannabinoids

wholeflower hemp oil

One advancement in the hemp industry this year is the focus on non-CBD cannabinoids that each boast their own fascinating and potentially useful properties.  While CBD is undoubtedly exciting on its own, we’re now realizing that other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC and CBN are also very worthy of our attention.  One way to ensure that you experience maximum cannabinoid absorption is by grabbing this Entourage Hemp Whole Flower Tincture. 

This unique CBD oil formula is several times more potent than the average tincture product, in terms of its concentration of cannabinoids.  And, the makers of this product have gone out of their way to ensure that each dose gives you as broad of a variety of cannabinoids as possible, while doing what is necessary to guarantee maximum bioavailability and chemical stability.

#3: Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Additive – 1000mg

active cbd oil

A lot of us CBD enthusiasts also vape, which is why Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Additive is a great choice for those who wanna get the best of both worlds. This additive allows you to, well… add high-quality CBD to any vape juice. You won’t have to go out and buy a whole separate setup either. Each bottle contains 1000mg of pure, clean CBD isolate, meaning that a single dropper’s worth adds 67 milligrams to your existing vape juice.

CBD Gummies

cbd gummies by pure cbd vapors

Pure CBD Vapors carries CBD edible gummies galore.  After all, gummies remain one of the most sought-after product types, as they allow us to satisfy our sweet tooth while taking in a nice dose of hemp at the same time.  There are so many CBD gummies out there today that choosing the right one can be daunting process.  Allow us to make things a bit simpler for you by sharing with you our three favorites that we have on our website.

#1: Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies (60ct) 25mg Per Gummie (High Potency)

hemp bomb cbd gummies

Hemp Bombs is a company that vapers trust, as they are known for their transparency and commitment to excellent quality.  Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are a phenomenal choice due to the fact that every step of the process of making them illustrates the brand’s dedication to providing consumers with only the best.  It starts with carefully sourced hemp that’s been extracted using the most up-to-date methods.  These gummies have a delicious taste, and they boast a uniquely high potency, providing 25 milligrams per piece.  They’re also THC-free.

#2: Swiss Relief CBD Gummies Sugar-Free 250mg

swiss relief cbd gummies

One brand that never fails to impress us is Swiss Relief.  Their sugar-free gummies allow us to treat our bodies to not just some of the finest THC-free CBD around, but also a plethora of nutrients that our bodies need in order to maintain optimal wellness.  The formula is available in a variety of flavors, and each one is sugar-free, making it a great option for those who have to avoid sugar.  Oh, and did we mention that they’re absolutely delicious?

#3: Green Garden Gold Yummy Gummies 24ct

GreenGardenGold yummy gummies

Green Garden is a company that virtually every CBD user recognizes, as they’ve maintained a position at the top of the market for quite some time now.  This type of edible delight is one of their top-selling products, and for good reason.  For one thing, they definitely live up to their name, being one of the yummier options that we’ve had the pleasure of tasting.  Real fruit extracts give them a deeply tasty flavor that hits the spot whenever those candy cravings start calling.

These gummies offer a moderate dose of 15 milligrams per piece, making them great for most people looking to enjoy some hemp action throughout the day.  The hemp extract is pure and extremely high in quality, which you can see for yourself by checking out the lab results.  Good luck eating just one during the day!

CBD Flower

cbd flower by pure cbd vapors

A newer development in the vaping industry this year is the rise in popularity of CBD Flower.  It’s simply the pure flower that’s been picked from the hemp plant at peak maturity and cured for maximum bioavailability.  CBD flower is great for those who want to enjoy something as close to nature as possible.  Typically, it can be either smoked or used in a vaporizer, but you can also cook with it, and even create topical formulas if you so wish.

CBD flower is available in a wide variety of strains, which is something that sets it apart from most products that contain hemp extract.  This means that you can customize your hemp experience more efficiently by picking and choosing the compounds that you most desire.  Personally, we’re big fans of CBD flower, and as you’ll see, we offer some truly spectacular options at Pure CBD Vapors.

#1: Americana Flower Buds (1/2 oz) Hawaiian Haze

Americana Flower Buds

Derived from the Pacific Northwest, our Americana Flower Buds are an excellent choice for those who are ready to dive into the wonderful world of CBD flower.  These loose flowers come from the Hawaiian Haze strain, which is a fast-acting variety known for its varied properties that can be useful in a number of ways.

The Americana Flower Buds come from organically grown hemp, and each batch is thoroughly tested by a third-party lab in order to ensure maximum quality, purity and potency.  And, of course, they contain below the legal limit of THC.

#2: Hempzilla CBD Flower Bag 100mg Full Spectrum (1g Bag) Lifter

Hempzilla CBD Flower

If you’ve been a hemp enthusiast for a while, you almost definitely know of Hempzilla, as their line of products is extremely popular among serious CBD fans.  Their level of quality is nothing short of profound, and we all know how important it is for brands to prove their trustworthiness to consumers.  We’re absolutely in love with their flower bag lifter.

These CBD flowers are some of the highest in quality that you’ll find, as they come from organically grown Oregon hemp that is cultivated in small batches for absolute quality control.  Then, the hemp flowers are slow-cured, which doesn’t just improve the flavor profile of them, but also helps make those terpenes and cannabinoids more bioavailable than what’s considered standard.

#3: The Kind Hemp – 3.5g Hemp Flower (Choose Strain)

The Kind Hemp

The Kind Hemp has been providing us with high-quality hemp for quite some time now, and they do everything that they can to make customers feel at ease by offering lab reports, and by making it easy to trace each product back to the plant from which it is derived.  Pure CBD Vapors is absolutely delighted to carry Kind Hemp’s flower strains because we know for certain that their CBD flower is among the best that’s on the market.

This particular hemp flower offers a very high amount of cannabinoid, regardless of the strain that you choose. Plus, each strain contains 0.3 percent or less THC.  The hemp itself is organically grown, meaning it’s free of impurities such as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

CBD Inhalers

The Kind Hemp

CBD is uniquely potent and fast-acting when inhaled into the lungs directly, making it a highly desirable delivery method.  However, sometimes people feel less than thrilled about vaping or smoking hemp.  Well, we’re excited to share a brand-new consumption method, which is CBD inhalers.

Top Choice:  Koi CBD Aerosol Inhaler – Dreamsicle 1000mg

Koi cbd inhaler

Pure CBD Vapors is always on the lookout for new, highly innovative products that change the way in which we consume our hemp on a regular basis.  That’s why we’re so excited about Koi’s Aerosol Inhaler in a Dreamsicle flavor.

First of all, Koi CBD is one of our very favorite brands, and they’ve truly captivated the hemp community with their exceptional formulations that are made with only the best ingredients found in nature.  Secondly, this fascinating delivery method is user-friendly, convenient, portable and seriously bioavailable, making it a great choice for anyone looking to change things up when it comes to their hemp regimen.

Each inhale provides you with 5 milligrams of THC-Free, broad-spectrum hemp extract which comes from exceptionally grown hemp.  Overall, it’s a great option for those who are fans of the inhalation method but don’t wish to inhale vapor or smoke.

Check Out What Pure CBD Vapors Has to Offer!

pure cbd vapors offer

If you’re looking to stock up on only the best CBD products that are on the market today, you’ve come to the right place.  We carry a huge and well-diversified selection of top-notch hemp from the most highly respected companies in the business today.  Go through this list in order to figure out which products are most capable of satisfying your individual hemp-related needs and preferences. From there, you can then take your daily CBD routine to a whole new level.

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