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Top 10 CBD Gummies and Edibles Brands

Did you know that CBD comes in many forms? In fact, one of those main forms that people like to enjoy their hemp in would be gummies and other types of edibles.  These ingestible CBD products offer hours of effects within the body. All, while being easy to portion out and extremely enjoyable to consume.  Edibles in general are so popular that here at Pure CBD Vapors, we’re practically bursting at the seams with fruity gummies, refreshing beverages, and more!  That being said, it can be hard to know which edibles are the right addition to your daily routine, but …

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How Many Melatonin Gummies Should I Take?

Many of us need a little extra help in the sleep department from time to time.  We have all gone through periods of our lives when we were dealing with overwhelm that got in the way of sleeping a full eight hours each night.  Also, overwhelm isn’t the only culprit behind poor sleep.  Everything from eating too much sugar to experiencing hormonal fluctuations can disrupt our body’s natural sleep cycle. There are various medications out there for sleep. However, a natural, holistic option is a melatonin gummy.  Melatonin gummies combine cannabidiol with melatonin to gently improve sleep with naturally derived …

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