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Top 10 Hemp Products from Jolly Green Oil

Jolly Green Oil is one of our favorite brands and it is easy to see why.  This brand offers a rich selection of lab-tested, carefully formulated products in all kinds of delivery methods. Many of them even being highly innovative and simply not available anywhere else.  Now, even though we carry a huge array of products from this celebrated company, these are just some of their best products you have got to try! First, About Jolly Green Oil Did you know that Jolly Green Oil is a highly sought-after hemp brand that specializes in unique formulations and cannabinoid selections? Well, …

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Delta 10, Delta-10, Delta 10 THC, Delta 10 Products

Can You Take More Than One Delta 10 Product?

Now that delta 10 products are making their way onto the market, we’re finding that more and more people are eager to try it in every way that they can.  Like cannabidiol (CBD) and delta 8 THC, delta 10 THC comes in a wide array of formulas, delivery methods and milligram strengths, letting us get picky about our daily routines with the cannabinoid. Naturally, some people wish to try more than one delta 10 product to see how they feel, or to maximize the potential that delta-10 has by consuming it through two different means. Is it Okay to Take …

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Delta 10 THC, Delta 10, Delta-10 Milligram Strength

What’s an Ideal Delta 10 Milligram Strength to Start Out With?

Now that delta 10 THC is finally available for purchase at Pure CBD Vapors, in all kinds of distinctive product formulations and delivery methods, it’s time to talk about milligram strength.  Milligram strength is always one of the first things that must be considered when starting a new hemp routine. Why? Because it has everything to do with how strongly you feel the effects.  Given the psychoactive nature of delta 10, this strength of effects is even more important than ever. What is the Milligram Strength and How Can It Make or Break Your Routine? The milligram strength of a …

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Delta 10, Delta 10 THC, Delta-10, Delta 10 Products

Which Delta 10 Product Should Newbies Choose?

Delta 10 THC is now available at Pure CBD Vapors! And, we cannot wait for our customers to see for themselves what this new and exciting cannabinoid is capable of.  In the meantime, we thought it would be helpful to offer a guide to first-timers who aren’t sure which type of delta 10 product delivery method to start with. Why is Choosing the Right Delivery Method Crucial as a Beginner? Delta 10 THC is quite unique. How come you might be wondering? Primarily, it is because unlike cannabidiol (CBD), which many of our customers are accustomed to, its psychoactive.  It’s …

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Delta 10 THC, Delta 10, Delta-10, Legality, Federal, State

What is the Legality of Delta 10 THC Currently in the United States?

Delta 10 THC is the newest cannabinoid available to hemp enthusiasts, being yet another mildly psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound derived from the hemp plant, with distinctively invigorating effects compared to delta 8 THC.  With delta 10 comes a whole new lineup of delivery methods and products, but before you run out to buy delta 10, you have to make sure that you can do so legally. Is Delta 10 THC Legal in the United States? Federally, yes, delta 10 is a legal compound.  Because it’s a cannabinoid taken from hemp that contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC, it’s fully …

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Delta 10 THC, Delta 10, Delta-10

Welcome to Delta 10 THC 101

Have you heard of delta 10 THC?  If the answer is no, we don’t blame you, even if you consider yourself to be a serious hemp enthusiast.  Delta 10 is, simply put, brand new, and it has only been on the market for about a week. Given what we know about this new and exciting cannabinoid, there is no doubt, it’ll enjoy the same mainstream popularity as delta 8 THC. And, of course, good old cannabidiol (CBD). Delta 10 is already making a splash by offering distinctive properties from other cannabinoids and having many uses. Where Does Delta 10 THC Come …

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