How CBD Oil Works

Does CBD Oil Work?

Are you considering starting a daily routine with cannabidiol?  A lot of people are finding that by taking a daily dose of this hemp compound, they’re experiencing a variety of plant-based properties that are uniquely blissful.  But there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t sure what CBD is actually capable of, let alone what it really is or where it comes from. Cannabidiol is the dominant compound that naturally occurs in the flowers of the female hemp plant.  It’s a cannabinoid and is one of hundreds that exist in cannabis.  It’s been widely studied for its …

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Hemp Bombs Recharge CBD Bundle

Different Types of CBD

While different types of CBD and hemp-based solutions continues to dominate the health & wellness industry, a wide variety of products continue to flood the marketplace. Sifting through this myriad of available options often feels a daunting task, though knowing the right information can help make it an enjoyable process. In this article, we discuss various forms of CBD.  What is CBD? Cannabidiol, known most commonly as CBD, is an organic plant-based compound naturally secreted by both cannabis (marijuana) and hemp plants. Though more studies are required to substantiate any claim, researchers accredit CBD with a myriad of potential therapeutic …

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How to Get and Take CBD Oil

CBD oil has been a top-selling wellness product for quite some time thanks to its many uses, its ease of use and its versatility.  CBD oil primarily consists of two ingredients: hemp extract that naturally contains high levels of cannabidiol, and a carrier oil. It’s available in various sizes, strengths and compositions of compounds, allowing people to easily choose a particular product that suits their needs. As you know, CBD can really vary when it comes to quality, potency, and even legitimacy, which is why it’s crucial that you know where to buy it from. But once you have found …

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CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates

What Exactly are CBD Vape Drips and Concentrates?

As it’s becoming more popular to vape CBD, we’re seeing loads of new and exciting vaping products hit the market that allow us to inhale those hemp compounds in a variety of ways.  Nowadays, we have CBD disposable vape pens, flavored e-liquids, refillable cartridges and more. One especially innovative product that we can’t stop raving about is CBD drips and concentrates.  This type of product allows us to turn any e-liquid into a CBD-infused vape oil that’s both flavorful and full of hemp compounds.  CBD vape drips and concentrates are essentially the same thing, and they’re made by a number …

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How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

So, you’ve bought your first CBD product, and you’re eager for it to start working.  Exactly how long does it take to work after you’ve begun a routine? The thing about CBD, more formally known as cannabidiol, is that for many people, it requires daily use for a certain length of time before its effects are really in full force, so to speak.  Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid, which means that when we take CBD, the endocannabinoid system gets what it needs in order to regulate important bodily processes for an increased sense of euphoria. When we consume CBD, it’s fed …

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Airbender JUUL Compatible 200mg Hemp Pod - Mint

Top 10 Awesome CBD JUUL Compatible Vape Pods in 2020

Vaping CBD is one of the most popular methods of hemp consumption, due to its fast-acting activation, potency and user-friendly nature.  Another thing that makes vaping CBD so enjoyable is the fact that many companies offer a wide range of flavors for us to choose from, allowing us to savor delicious tastes while also giving our body satisfying doses of the compounds found in the hemp plant. Now, there’s a new product on the market, and it’s the CBD JUUL compatible pod.  CBD JUUL compatible pods are extremely useful in that they work with a standard JUUL device.  They allow …

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cbd wax

What Does the World of CBD Dabs, Waxes and Shatters Consist of?

A lot of hemp enthusiasts are perfectly satisfied with their standard-potency vape oils, topicals, edibles and tinctures.  However, more CBD enthusiasts are deciding that they wish to use something a bit more, well, concentrated.  And, this is why CBD dabs have become so popular.  You may find that dabbing CBD is a more ideal method of delivery for you due to its unique properties.  We’ll be discussing what makes this category of products so unique, as well as the most popular options that are available on the market today: wax, dab oil and shatter. CBD Concentrates: Not Your Standard Hemp …

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cbd for beauty

What Does the World of CBD Health and Beauty Products Consist of?

Updated 09/06/2020 If there’s one thing that we can confidently say about the CBD industry, it’s that it is not going anywhere.  How do we know this?  Well, just look at the way in which the hemp market is growing, expanding and diversifying at such a rapid pace.  Remember when the most commercially available products were limited to edibles, vape oils and tinctures?  Well, not anymore.  Today, hemp companies are constantly dreaming up new ways to deliver CBD to the body using a wide variety of applications. You see, companies are finding innovative ways to put hemp compounds into beauty …

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Differences Between CBD Gummies and CBG Gummies

What’re the Differences Between CBD Gummies and CBG Gummies?

Updated 09/06/2020 If you’re looking for a tasty and easy way to consume hemp on a daily basis, most will agree that gummies are the best way to go.  Gummies provide stellar compounds native to the hemp plant in a way that’s highly bioavailable, all while supplying your sweet tooth with the satisfaction that it so desperately desires. As the hemp market continues to grow and expand, we’re seeing more innovative formulations within the industry than ever before.  While once, long ago, there were few gummy options out there, things have changed dramatically in a short period of time.  Nowadays, …

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CBD Flower

How Exactly is CBD Flower Created?

Updated 09/06/2020 Lots of us are familiar with hemp tinctures, edibles, vape oils, topicals and so on.  All of these products are made with a hemp extract, which means that in order to produce the product, the hemp plant was run through an extraction process, usually involving heat, pressure or the use of a solvent.  While this is process great in that it creates a chemically stable hemp concentrate that can be added to other ingredients, some feel that nothing comes close to consuming the hemp plant in its purest, most unadulterated form. And, that’s why so many people are …

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Cannabidiol tree

Does Cannabidiol (CBD) Show Up on a Drug Test?

Updated 09/06/2020 If you’ve been interested in introducing CBD into your routine but are someone who has to take drug tests for work, sports, or other reasons, you might be hesitant to explore what the hemp plant has to offer.  CBD is cannabidiol, which is a compound that naturally occurs in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is a member of the cannabis genus, as is marijuana. So, it’s natural that many people continue to wrongfully believe that CBD is a marijuana product. We understand that because CBD is still a fairly new market. And, because it’s so closely related …

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Raphael Mechoulam

How Long Does CBD Last?

Updated 09/06/2020 Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, has become an enormously popular compound in the last decade thanks to its many unique properties.  In order to maintain the most advantageous CBD routine, one must know how to choose the right concentration, delivery method, and chemical composition.  This is all to meet their unique preferences, goals, and needs. Another factor that plays a role in determining the perfect regimen is how long the effects of CBD actually last for.  And how long those effects last actually depends on a few different factors. It Depends on the Delivery Method The biggest …

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Does CBD Make You High?

Date Modified: September 6th, 2020 CBD has been around for a while now, and it’s more popular than ever before. CBD is cannabidiol, the dominant compound in hemp, and you can buy it in many forms.  The term can be misleading in the sense of marketing because CBD is not the only compound in the hemp plant, and many products out there labeled as “CBD” contain multiple compounds in the plant material, rather than CBD alone.  And one of the compounds that naturally occurs is THC – yes, that THC. So, the question is, can CBD, or any hemp products, …

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What is CBD Oil Used for?

Modified on September 6th, 2020 Nowadays, it’s easier to find CBD oil than ever before.  CBD oil is a product consisting of pure, cannabidiol-rich hemp extract and some type of carrier oil.  It comes in a variety of milligram strengths and offers flavored and unflavored options. Most consumers use CBD daily.  Because it contains cannabinoids, it supports our endocannabinoid system which regulates important bodily processes so that we may achieve homeostasis. Over the last few years, CBD has been studied intensively by medical researchers. Specifically, wanting to understand its various properties that might be of use to the human body.  …

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Delta 8 Flower vs. CBD Flower

Updated September 23rd, 2020 There’s no doubt that CBD is everywhere, with the industry increasing in value every quarter as more people become acquainted with what cannabinoids are capable of.  With CBD’s massive popularity becoming a general increased interest in cannabis overall, this has led to many innovative companies finding new ways to experience this fascinating plant genus. One product that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is Delta 8.  But this product is without a doubt far less understood than CBD, which is why today we’ll be comparing the two in flower form. What is Flower? For those …

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Americana-Disposable-Vape Pens (4-Pack)

How to Use a Disposable Vape Pen

Date Modified: August 18th, 2020 If you wanna vape your favorite types of CBD vape juice flavors, one of the most user-friendly options is a disposable vape pen.  As the name implies, this is a disposable vaping system.  It consists of two components that come attached to each other: a cartridge pre-filled with CBD e-liquid, and a mod with a built-in battery that’s almost always fully charged on arrival. Disposable CBD Vape Pens 101 Disposable CBD vape pens are devices that are, well, disposable.  They consist of two components: a battery, or mod, and a cartridge that’s already filled with …

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Delta 8 vs Delta 9

Delta 8 and Delta 9 – What Everyone Should Be Aware of

Updated September 6th, 2020 It’s quite a time to be someone who is into cannabis.  In a matter of a few years, hemp has become an enormously successful industry thanks to its star compound, CBD.  Meanwhile, more and more states are legalizing cannabis use for recreational purposes. With cannabis finally having its heyday, it’s not surprising that people are coming up with new ways to experience its various cannabis compounds.  And that’s where Delta 8 and Delta 9 comes in.  Delta 8 though, is a new and widely misunderstood cannabis derivative that’s highly controversial, to say the least. Delta-8 and …

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CBD Dabs

How Do You Smoke Dabs

Updated September 6th, 2020 Do you enjoy CBD, but want something that’s a little more potent?  If so, you’re going to love dabbing.  Dabbing is a method of smoking cannabis concentrates that are naturally more potent due to their concentrated nature.  They require a specialized setup because their consistency has unique demands. What Do You Need to Smoke a Dab? Now, let’s discuss the things that you’ll need in order to get started. Your Concentrate There are different kinds of cannabis concentrates available, including wax, shatter, resin, hash and more.  Each one is slightly unique in consistency and chemical composition, …

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hemplucid cbd wax

Which Devices Work Best When Using CBD Dabs, Waxes and Shatter?

Updated September 6th, 2020 If you’re just getting into the world of dabbing CBD, you’ve probably figured out by now that you need to use a specialized device in order to enjoy hemp’s many exciting compounds in this unique and concentrated way.  Whether you’re going with dabs, waxes or shatter, you can’t just shove your concentrate into any old vaporizer or blend it into a tincture formula and hope for the best.  CBD concentrates have been extracted using methods that are different from the ones that we associate with more commercially popular hemp products such as edibles and vape oils.  …

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delta 8

Delta 8 vs CBD – What You Need to Know

Updated September 6th, 2020 If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then you’ve likely come across information about Delta 8, which is being called the next big thing in the natural wellness world.  Delta8 is growing in popularity, yet it’s still widely misunderstood, even by people who are trying it out for themselves. CBD fans might be wondering if Delta 8 is worth giving a try. Also, since they’re stated to share many identical properties.  Let’s compare the two so you can understand how they differ from each other. Plus, why CBD remains the better option for a multitude of reasons. What …

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Edibles CBD

How to Create CBD Edibles

Updated September 6th, 2020 Sure, a lot of us take CBD edibles daily, but how many of us really understand what goes into producing that tasty morsel loaded with all of the compounds for which we desire from the hemp plant? Each time you pop a gummy, candy or other form of edible into your mouth, you’re reaping the benefits of a large and very involved process. This process requires extremely advanced technology, a deep understanding of preservation of plant compounds and a passion for providing consumers with only the very best that hemp has to offer. Now, as you’ll …

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pet cbd

How Do Identical CBD Pet Products Actually Differ in Potency?

Updated September 6th, 2020 If you’ve been considering giving your pet CBD, you’ve probably figured out by now that you can’t just give them any old hemp product that you have lying around your house.  While it’s true that pets absorb and utilize cannabinoids in hemp just like humans do, that doesn’t mean that they can use the same formulations that we take daily. The reason why this is the case is because pets’ bodies are different from ours.  Not only do they have smaller body weights, but their bodies function in different ways.  Additionally, a lot of the CBD …

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cbd for pet

Which Type of CBD Pet Products Should You Administer to Your Furry Companion?

Updated September 6th, 2020 If there’s one thing that all pet owners can agree on, it’s that we want nothing but the very best for our furry friends.  We go to great lengths to provide them with adequate veterinary care, the best food that we can find and lots of play, love and attention. Maybe you’ve heard that a lot of people are finding ways to incorporate CBD into their pet’s daily regimen.  Thanks to lots of studies, some veterinarians are starting to embrace the idea of feeding hemp to cats, dogs and other furry creatures that make up a …

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CBD Concentrates - Drips

Best CBD Vape Drip/Concentrate Brands at Pure CBD Vapors

Updated September 6th, 2020 At Pure CBD Vapors, we offer a wide selection of CBD vape drips and concentrates for customers to choose from.  This is because we understand better than anyone that hemp users like to have choices, because everyone has their own goals and preferences when it comes to how they enjoy CBD.  All of the vape drip and concentrate-type products that we offer are exceptional in their own ways, boasting unique milligram strengths, types of hemp extracts and more. When you look through our selection of CBD vape drips and concentrates on our website, you’ll find that …

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Which CBD Vape Drip/Concentrate Milligram Strength Should I Choose?

Updated September 6th, 2020 At Pure CBD Vapors, we offer a wide array of easy-to-use, high-quality CBD vape drips and concentrates from a variety of highly respected companies.  These products are unique in that they allow you to easily add CBD concentrate to an existing vape juice that you’d use with a standard vaping setup.  Each drop contains a uniquely potent amount of quality hemp extract, meaning that you can turn your standard e-juice into a CBD-infused vape oil within seconds. But, before you run out and purchase any old CBD vape drip or concentrate, there’s one thing that you …

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CBN vape juice

5 Reasons to Choose CBN Vape Juice/Cartridges

Updated September 6th, 2020 CBN, which is short for cannabinol, is just one of the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.  When we talk about cannabinoids, we tend to focus on just CBD and THC, although there are, in fact, far more than just these two.  And, as the hemp plant is being studied more than ever before, scientists are just beginning to learn about the unique properties of individual cannabinoids as opposed to the hemp plant as a whole, which is why so many hemp enthusiasts are seeking out CBN specifically these days. What is CBN and is …

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