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Top 10 Health & Beauty CBD Products of 2021

With all of hemp’s fascinating and valuable properties, it’s no surprise that health & beauty CBD products are proving to be a huge hit.  These products allow us to incorporate cannabinoids and terpenes into our daily rituals, including bathing, skincare, and more.  And, at Pure CBD Vapors, we carry one of the largest selections of CBD health & beauty products that you’ll find, while each third-party lab tested formula comes from a highly trusted brand known for delivering outstanding quality.  So, to make things easier for you, we have narrowed it down to these spectacular heath & beauty solutions. How …

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Top 10 CBD Topical Traditional Brands

More people are finding that CBD topicals are the perfect addition to their daily regimens, offering targeted ways to provide localized servings of hemp compounds directly to the areas in need.  Topicals come in all kinds of formulations, including salves, creams, lotions, gels, adhesive patches, etc.  What they all share in common though is that they allow cannabinoids to absorb through the skin to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the deep tissue of the body, in a way that’s extremely useful to countless individuals. At Pure CBD Vapors, we carry a seemingly endless variety of CBD topical formulas, and selecting …

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5 Reasons to Choose Koi Skincare CBD Facial Serum

Anyone out there who is looking for new ways to experience all that the hemp plant is capable of, it is time to experiment with the latest and greatest trend in cannabidiol (CBD), which is CBD skincare.  However, finding the right CBD-infused skincare product can sometimes be a challenge.  Why?  Because not all CBD  products, especially ones in this type of space, are created equally.  So, it’s no wonder few CBD skincare products on the market today can do it all quite like Koi Skincare CBD Facial Serum.  This topical skincare lotion can be applied to the face daily, providing …

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CBD: Turning Back the Hands of Time When It Comes to Aging Skin

Once we’re no longer in our early twenties, aging is inevitable, and a simple fact of nature.  We all age differently, as the way in which we age is largely based on genetics, environmental factors, our physical health and even our overwhelm levels.  While we cannot stop the aging process from occurring, nor can we reverse it, more and more evidence shows that we may be able to slow it down.  This seems to apply to our skin as well, which is a physical indicator of the aging process at work, which we would all like to slow down as …

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