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What are My Flower Options at Pure CBD Vapors?

Updated September 6th, 2020 Have you heard about CBD flower?  While many of us enjoy taking our edibles, tinctures, vape oils and topicals throughout the day, there’s a new type of hemp product that’s changing the industry as a whole.  Now, maybe what we just said is a bit misleading.  There’s nothing actually “new” about CBD flower.  In fact, this is the oldest form of CBD that there is.  But, only now has the industry woken up to the fact that this product is highly valuable, and as a result, the demand is growing. CBD flower, essentially, is the purest …

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CBD Vape Oil

E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative

Updated September 6th, 2020 E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative is extracted from organically cultivated industrial hemp cultivated across Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the United States. It also contains food-grade flavors and colors, along with vegetable glycerin, to make it suitable for vaping. In this article, we discuss e-liquid containing hemp derivative. E-Liquid Containing Cannabis Derivative Industrial hemp, which is used for extracting hemp oil, grows tall and is a rich source of fiber. CBD-rich hemp oil is used in both electronic cigarettes and dietary supplements. While industrial hemp belongs to the cannabis family of plants, it is unlike marijuana in a …

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CBD Hash Natural

4 Interesting Uses of CBD Hash

Updated September 6th, 2020 When we talk about CBD, most of us instantly think about CBD-infused gummies, e-liquid cartridges and oral tinctures that are made with hemp extract.  But, as our industry continues to evolve, we’re finding more ways to experience hemp, and some of the latest methods involve using more of the actual plant material.  One new trend that we’re excited about in particular is CBD hash, or hashish.  CBD hash is made from the sticky resin that is naturally secreted from the resin glands of the female hemp plant.  These resin glands are called trichomes, and they’re found …

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The Kind Pen Orion Flower Convection Vape

Convection Vaping at Its Finest: CBD Flower Pens

Updated 08/17/2020 For consumers looking for a new way to experience hemp, we strongly suggest that you try out the selection of CBD Flower Pens at Pure CBD Vapors.  In fact, an influx of CBD users are gravitating toward this style of hemp consumption.  Today, we’re going to be talking about the CBD Flower Pens that we offer, how they work, and how they differ from other hemp consumption methods.  This way, you’ll be able to make the right purchase. What are CBD Flower Pens? CBD Flower Pens are vaporizer devices designed to turn CBD flower into a vapor that …

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Americana CBD Flower Buds (1/2 .oz) Suzy-Q

4 Key Uses for CBD Flower Buds

Updated 08/16/2020 CBD flower buds are quickly becoming a top-selling item among hemp enthusiasts, especially here at Pure CBD Vapors. And, it’s no wonder why when you consider all of the unique ways in which this type of product is used in conjunction within the human body.  CBD flower buds are essentially the purest form of hemp, which means that they haven’t been processed in any way.  This alone makes them highly appealing among hemp users, although there are other factors as well. We’ll discuss ways in which you can use hemp flower buds to make this plant-based product part …

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