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Updated September 6th, 2020

Manufacturers of e-juice and vaping oil procure hemp oil derived from a particular strain of cannabis. E-juices used in electronic cigarettes are sold in small bottles and typically flavored.

While CBD is accredited with potential medicinal properties, hemp oil has no therapeutic applications.

Types of Hemp Oil E-Juice

E-juice manufactured from industrial hemp is a combination of cannabinoids and terpenes. Hemp oil e-juice is offered in a wide range of fruity flavors like pomegranate, citrus, peach, raspberry, apple, strawberry, cinnamon, margarita, and several others. Available in small and mid-sized bottles (5mg to 25 mg), most e-juices derived from hemp oil do not contain any THC or nicotine.

Types of CBD Hemp Oil Available Today

When pure CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant, it contains an astonishing range of potential health benefits. As pure CBD juice is potent, manufacturers combine it with flavonoids and other compounds to reduce potency.

Other compounds are used in different combinations as health supplements and sold in the open market. CBD-infused e-juices are very light and safe for direct inhalation. While purchasing CBD vape oil, always check for the exact quantity of CBD and how it was extracted.

How To Purchase E-Juice Derived from Hemp Oil?

The e-liquid used in vaping products usually contain between 5-15% CBD, which is combined with polyethylene glycol to enhance flavor. Most brands of e-juice are available for purchase on the internet, as well as at pharmacy stores and smoke shops.


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

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