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Best 2022 CBD for Pets Products

As we continue to learn about the hemp plant, it is becoming clearer that our pets can get in on the CBD action just like ourselves.  Today’s hemp market offers a wide array of products formulated specifically for pets, catering to their unique needs while delivering nothing but the cleanest ingredients and highest-quality hemp extracts.  At Pure CBD Vapors, we offer a large selection of premium, lab tested CBD pet products to introduce cannabinoids and terpenes into your furry friend’s routine.

How to Administer a CBD Pet Product   

When it comes to giving your pet cannabidiol, it’s always best to first get the approval of your veterinarian. CBD pets products on the market should come with clear instructions regarding how to give the formula to your pet based on their weight and unique needs, so always follow these directions carefully.  It is important to only give your pet a CBD-based product made for them, as products intended for human consumption can contain ingredients that are unsafe for them, and concentrations that are too powerful for their bodies.

#10: Jolly Green Oil CBD For Dogs

Jolly Green Oil CBD For Dogs offers a simple, gentle yet effective formula to satisfy your dog’s daily cannabidiol needs.  Consisting solely of CBD isolate extract and MCT oil, JGO’s recipe is completely organic and free of additives and fillers that don’t benefit your canine.  Can be great for dogs who are sensitive to flavor as it does not taste like the hemp plant due to the fact that cannabinoids are flavorless.

Choose Jolly Green Oil CBD For Dogs Because…

  • THC-free
  • CBD isolate
  • MCT oil
  • No additives or taste
  • 250mg per bottle

#9: Hemp Bombs CBD Dog Chews

Hemp Bombs Dog Chews offer a high-quality, nourishing formula made specially for canines’ needs.  The soft texture is great for dogs with sensitive teeth.  Plus, each dose supplies their bodies with the ideal amount of properly extracted, lab-tested CBD.  The flavor offers the rich and creamy taste of peanut butter that drives just about every dog wild.

Choose Hemp Bombs CBD Dog Chews Because…

  • Rich peanut butter flavor
  • 8-count bag
  • 15mg CBD per chew
  • Soft texture   
  • Clean ingredients

#8: ECOPETS for Dogs (Peanut Butter)

ECOPETS has produced a highly advanced CBD formula just for our beloved pups.  It’s a rich peanut butter flavor along with the perfect daily serving of carefully sourced, organic hemp extract and MCT oil.  This all works with their endocannabinoid systems.  Meanwhile, the recipe is vegan and cruelty-free, with zero GMOs.  Your dog will thoroughly enjoy each and every portion. 

Choose ECOPETS for Dogs (Peanut Butter) Because…

  • 1800mg per 30ml bottle
  • Delicious peanut butter flavor
  • Minimal, plant-based ingredients
  • MCT oil for a neutral taste
  • Cruelty-free

#7: Active CBD Oil Dog Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Treats

Active CBD Oil Dog Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Treats were made with a canine’s most specialized needs in mind.  They are free of THC, soy, and gluten in order to support a healthy diet.  Each treat contains 5 milligrams of cannabidiol that works gently yet effectively through their endocannabinoid system, while offering nothing but pure, natural ingredients that are easy on their bodies.  With a blend of real peanut butter and pumpkin, the flavor will keep your canine enticed as they maintain a daily routine.

Choose Active CBD Oil Dog Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Treats Because…

  • 5mg CBD per biscuit
  • Peanut butter and pumpkin flavor
  • Natural, clean ingredients
  • THC-free
  • No gluten or soy

#6: Hemplucid Pets CBD Chicken Flavor

Looking for a simple yet effective way to incorporate hemp into your pet’s daily routine? Want to make it as irresistible to their senses as possible?  Hemplucid made sure to deliver one of the finest CBD oils they could for our furry friends.  The result is a USDA-certified organic formula with clean, gentle ingredients that support pets’ bodies.  Flavored with real chicken, it appeals to both dogs and cats, while you also have the option of selecting the right milligram strength per bottle to accommodate their size and weight.

Choose Hemplucid Pets CBD Chicken Flavor Because…

  • 100mg or 300mg per bottle
  • Authentic chicken flavor
  • Clean, minimal ingredients
  • Organic
  • Full spectrum hemp extract

#5: Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Oil for Cats  

With so many dog-oriented formulas on the market, it is nice to see cats getting some extra love.  Perfect Paws with their Hemp CBD Oil offers an ideal strength for their bodies.  Every bottle contains 200 milligrams cannabidiol extract, and the fact that it contains real salmon oil ensures that your beloved feline will look forward to each daily serving. 

Choose Perfect Paws Hemp CBD Oil for Cats Because…

  • 200mg per bottle
  • CBD isolate
  • Salmon flavor
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to administer

#4: Doggy Be Good CBD Soft Chew Dog Treats     

Yet another brand that recognizes the needs of older dogs and dogs with sensitive teeth is Doggy Be Good, who has given canines an exceptional dog treat formula with a chewy, soft texture that’s easy to consume.  Each biscuit contains 2 milligrams of cannabinoid-rich CBD that’s derived from organic Colorado hemp.  And, you can determine how many treats to give a dog per day based on the serving guide provided.  It has all-natural ingredients alongside full spectrum hemp, while providing an irresistible beef flavor.  These easy to carry and tasty treats will have your canine companion jumping for joy and begging for more.

Choose Doggy Be Good CBD Soft Chew Dog Treats Because…

  • Full spectrum hemp
  • Natural ingredients
  • Real beef flavor
  • 2mg CBD per treat
  • Soft texture  

#3: TruBlu CBD for Cats (Blue Fin Tuna Flavor)

Another feline-friendly option is the TruBlu CBD for Cats, increasing the chances that your cat will love their routine by offering the taste of real blue fin tuna with each serving.  Formula is made for cats’ bodies, with an appropriate 250 milligrams of CBD per 30ml bottle.  Micro-encapsulation of the hemp extract makes for higher bioavailability, allowing the compounds to absorb more easily into the body.  Meanwhile, the entire formula is made in the United States.

Choose TruBlu CBD for Cats (Blue Fin Tuna Flavor) Because…

  • Real tuna flavor
  • Nano-emulsified for better absorption
  • 250mg per 30ml bottle
  • Clean ingredients
  • Cat-specific formula  

#2: Koi Naturals CBD Hemp Extract Spray for Pets

Koi’s CBD Hemp Extract Spray offers a topical formula for pets,  It has a convenient and clever spray applicator to cover larger areas of their body without requiring that they stay put while a product gets massaged into their fur.  Formula is made with carefully selected ingredients that are nontoxic to cats and dogs in the event they lick the formula off of their skin.  Each bottle contains 500 milligrams of THC-free broad spectrum hemp.

Choose Koi Naturals CBD Hemp Extract Spray for Pets Because…

  • 500mg per bottle
  • THC-free broad spectrum hemp
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • For topical use

#1: Hempzilla CBD Calming Dog Treats

Hempzilla has crafted a phenomenal formula that specifically offers holistic plant compounds that can offer relief from overwhelm and hyperactivity.  Their Calming Dog Treats contain 5 milligrams of cannabidiol per piece, alongside chamomile, ashwagandha, l-theanine, tryptophan, and lemon balm.  Each delivers a soothing response in a natural way.  Let’s not forget that peanut butter flavor which will keep dogs engaged with every serving.

Choose Hempzilla CBD Calming Dog Treats Because…

  • 5mg CBD per treat
  • Real peanut butter flavor
  • Natural ingredients
  • Enhanced with calming plant derivatives
  • Easy to administer

Let Your Pet Experience the Valuable Properties of CBD at Pure CBD Vapors!

Want to mellow your pet or stimulate their appetite next time?  Cannabinoids really can benefit our pets just like they benefit us.  That’s why Pure CBD Vapors is proud to carry one of the largest selections of premium CBD-based products for pets, ensuring that each cat and dog can end up with the formula that’s most likely to deliver success.  Explore this awesome collection and know that you are getting only quality CBD products from the most trusted names in our industry today.

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