Americana Uncut: the exceptional CBD vape and oil that sets itself apart

Americana Uncut: the exceptional CBD vape and oil that sets itself apart

 LEGAL NOTICE: This content is not medical advice and does not substitute ongoing treatment with a physician. 

Every now and then we get a new brand in stock that blows everything else away. Last month we added Americana Uncut to our inventory and it’s something special. Especially since it’s a Pure CBD Vapors exclusive!

Whether you’re trying to reduce anxiety, manage chronic pain, stop smoking tobacco, balance out your THC-heavy cannabis consumption or manage any other ailment with the power of CBD, we got you. It’s a great product no matter your experience and we know you’ll enjoy it.

Americana Uncut is a top quality CBD vape oil that does so much that other brands aren’t, especially in such an unregulated market.

Choose Americana!

It’s hinted in the brand name for this CBD vape oil—Americana Uncut is made in the USA. This matters a lot when many manufacturers and brands in the space use low quality ingredients and materials. The reality is that quality control is still a work in progress. So for your health, you want to know what is and isn’t present.

Most vaping tools are from abroad. And again, since the market is unregulated, the shoddy construction can cause damage to your respiratory system in the long run. You want to purchase from CBD companies who prioritize your betterment when creating products. And that’s at the heart of this CBD vape brand.

You get two options: a cartridge or a vaporizer kit with an included cart. Both are well-constructed with the and the Americana Uncut vaporizer offers multiple temperature options. We’ll go into why that’s great for your experience below.

Also, this brand uses materials that’s grown in Oregon, Kentucky, Colorado, North Carolina, Montana, Maine, and Vermont. We’re all-American, baby! Most CBD products include imported hemp.

So be apart of a major step in the advancement of cannabis legislation thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

Again, this is about quality. And quality is knowing where what you’re buying is made and how much care went into ensuring that your investment won’t harm you. Americana Uncut makes itself exceptional because the brand deliberately prioritizes your needs.

We—both Pure CBD Vapors and Americana Uncut—promise you will “enjoy what no other company has been able to accomplish.”

So let’s flesh that out more.

How quality breeds high potency

When purchasing any CBD vape oil, there are a myriad of parts of the product that are important. Go beyond the amount of CBD in the cartridge and knowing if the cart is a 510 thread!

Americana Uncut CBD vape oil contains raw organic non-GMO hemp that’s decarboxylated (or decarbing). And it’s full spectrum. Ultimately, this means you’re getting the best of the best for medicinal benefits.

The short and sweet of decarbing is that “activates” the CBD and optimizes its effect for your ailment. This also matters for the less than 0.3% THC within hemp that boosts powers up CBD.

And decarbing preserves the natural terpenes in the hemp flower. Which also strengthen the soothing powers of CBD.

As mentioned often, the combination of these compounds creates the entourage effect. That has a reputation for enhancing relief. And ultimately, all this means is that you’re getting an optimal product with the highest potency it can offer.

No short cuts or cheating you out of your money.

Americana Uncut CBD vape oil also includes added terpenes from classic cannabis strains like AC/DC, Trainwreck, Grape Ape and OG Kush.

Here’s what to consider about them when you make your purchase.

Terpenes: the nose knows

Terpenes are just as important as cannabidiol (AKA CBD) and THC in helping you attain and retain relief. Present as aromas in all types of plants (not just cannabis and hemp), they’re a volatile compound that boost healing effects.

Specifically, they can enhance or diminish compounds in hemp. They can create different possibilities for effects on your body. Which is why an understanding of the classic strains will help you in choosing which Americana Uncut cart or kit to start with.

Here’s a quick overview of the strain-inspired terpene profiles:

OG Kush may provide a relaxed, euphoric and uplifted vibe. It’s a hybrid strain, balanced between sativa and indica. This is especially helpful for those who struggle with anxiety and depression or just need a little kick in the direction of optimism.

Grape Ape is an indica that offers relaxing, happy and sedative possibilities.

Trainwreck is another hybrid but leans more towards being a sativa. With that, you can expect energizing, uplifting and euphoric feelings. Since this is a CBD product, you don’t have to worry about anxiety kicking in and throwing your brain for a loop! This is great for the morning and daytime use if you need to take the edge off.

AC/DC is a CBD rich hybrid that promises a relaxing and uplifting vibe. Another option for those suffering from anxiety and just need to slow down and feel happy about it.

And this isn’t where the benefits stop. The type of battery also adds to creating your optimal experience.

Get the kit: why the battery matters

It’s worthwhile to invest in the Americana Uncut vape kit, even if you already have a 510 thread battery. What makes this brand of battery exceptional is that you can change the temperature.

If you don’t already have a variable voltage battery, then your best bet is to buy the kit. This type of battery is required to use with the cartridges.

Why does changing the temperature matter? It’s yet another factor that enhances the effects and will give you an exceptional experience compared to other CBD vape oil brands.

Considering the cost, it’s only an extra $20 for a compatible product that’s guaranteed to work with the cartridges of your choice.

The battery flashes 3 colors to reflect the temperature: white, blue and red (go USA!). That’s in order from warm to hottest. And the outstanding benefits for those?

Blue is recommended for indulging in the flavor of the terpenes of the strain you select.

Red is recommended for bigger hits—be that making vapor clouds or needing more CBD in you in one go.

Get it and join the movement

And there you have it! Americana Uncut is our high potency CBD vape oil that sets itself apart.

It marks the beginning of a new era in cannabis legalization and can be a new beginning for bettering your quality of life.

Other than deciding a terpene profile, you can buy up to 3 cartridges in one go and the battery comes in 3 colors: silver, black and gun metal.

If you value quality, this is the CBD product for you!

Alaina Dorsey is CEO, freelance cannabis copywriter and content strategist at her Baltimore-based business Bud Biz Llama in Maryland. 

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