7 Main Things All Pet Owners Should Look for When Purchasing ANY CBD Product

Do you want to start giving your pet CBD? If so, know that you’re in good company. The CBD pet market is booming, with some veterinarians are beginning to endorse it.

Now, before you start giving your pet CBD, there are some things that you should know. Essentially, the hemp market is not fully regulated yet, which means that it’s hard to tell at face value which products are more helpful than others. That’s why you must be educated as a consumer to choose the product that’s best suited for your pet’s highly specific needs.

Today, we’ll be breaking down the main factors to consider before purchasing a CBD product for your cat or dog. This way, you’ll cover everything that’s required to give them the best experience possible.

Factor #1: Lab Results

The first and most important thing to look for is the presence of lab results. CBD companies prove their legitimacy by making lab results accessible on their websites. These lab results come from an unbiased third party. Legitimate companies have their batches of hemp tested for purity, potency, chemical composition, and overall quality. By being able to read these lab results as a consumer, you can rest easy knowing that the CBD product you’re about to buy is the real deal.

Factor #2: Pet-Friendly Ingredients

Always read the list of ingredients on the back of a CBD product. For one thing, you want to make sure all parts are pet-friendly and non-toxic to cats and dogs. You also want to make sure that, if your pet has any particular sensitivities or allergies, you avoid those ingredients altogether. A CBD pet company should always clearly print their list of ingredients on the product’s label. If you have further questions, you can always contact the company yourself.

Factor #3: Proper Milligram Strength

The key to having a successful CBD experience is choosing the right potency. The milligram strength refers to the amount of CBD within the product by the milligram. Pets naturally need lower amounts of CBD than we do because their bodies are smaller than ours. But, exactly how many milligrams is right for them?

Any legitimate CBD pet company will state on the label which milligram strength is right for particular body weights. This is because a pet’s weight largely determines how many milligrams of CBD should be consumed each day for the best possible results. Again, if necessary, you can always contact the company if you’re still unsure.

Factor 4: A Clear Breakdown of Proper Dosage Levels

Next, you want to look for information about dosing on the product’s label. They should clearly state how much make up a single dose, the maximum number of recommended doses per day, and when you can increase the dose as desired.

Factor #5: The Right Delivery Method for Your Pet

Another thing that you want to take into consideration is which type of CBD product is best suited for your pet’s individual needs. CBD pet products are available in a variety of formats, with the most popular being hemp-infused treats. CBD oils can also be administered as tinctures or mixed into food, as well as in topical products such as sprays. 

You may feel that one type of delivery method works best for the particular goal you’re trying to accomplish for your pet. Also, you may know that your pet is a picky eater, and so a meat-flavored treat is the best way to get them to take their daily dose. 

Factor #6: Pricing

Now, let’s talk about price. We all have a budget, and CBD can get pricey for some. Clearly, you want to make sure that you don’t overspend on CBD unnecessarily. Some companies do overprice their products, assuming that the consumer doesn’t know any better. But, on a similar note, you don’t want to give your pet the cheapest CBD that you can find simply because of the price tag. 

Cheap CBD is cheap for a reason – it contains low levels of CBD that simply won’t give you the results that you’re looking for. Even worse, they can contain questionable additives and impurities that you don’t want your pet consuming regularly.

Factor #7: Positive Reviews or References

It’s always helpful to have access to positive reviews or references before settling on a particular product. Given the unregulated nature of the CBD industry, it’s incredibly beneficial to learn about other people’s experiences with certain pet CBD brands. Additionally, your veterinarian may be able to refer you to a particular company or product based on their understanding of your pet’s unique body, as well as their specific needs.

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This way, you’ll know the essential aspects to be aware of while selecting a CBD-infused pet product. Also, don’t forget to speak to your vet, as they can help you along the way!


Joshua Willard (Freelance CBD Content Writer/Editor)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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