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CBD and its Benefits in Appetite

CBD and its Benefits in Appetite

Neuro Armour 1500mg Water Soluble


For those who have indulged in a dose of THC, you must surely have gone through a craving for food right after the session. Yes, this is a well-known fact, when you gather around with your friends and try to relax and chat over a puff of smoke, you know that you will immediately reach for the nearest bag of food soon after the chat. Let’s add another fact to this; apart from THC, there is another cannabinoid which can incite such sessions of hunger in your body. It is CBD, also known by the name cannabidiol. It is another form of cannabinoid which can help trigger a food craving in your body.


Today there are many people who have to undergo certain discomforts when it comes to body weight and appetite. In such scenarios, can the intake of CBD prove useful?


What are the characteristics of CBD?


CBD came into the limelight and began to be noticed very recently. Patients who were suffering from seizure attacks were able to find a cure through the use of CBD and this news made the way for the recognition of CBD as a medicinal aid. To cite a more specific example, CBD became the center of attention with a CNN documentary. The documentary showcased the life and struggles of a small child called Charlotte Figi. She suffered from a disease known as the Dravet syndrome. After she started taking CBD, since 2013, she was able to effectively bring down the number of seizure attacks that tormented her periodically.


Cannabinoids are of different types and CBD is just one of them. Each of these different types has its own unique effect on a person’s body. The source for obtaining these various types of cannabinoids is the cannabis plant. Another interesting fact is that the endocannabinoid system of each human being reacts in a different manner to each of these cannabinoids. Among the number of researches conducted to prove the efficiency of these cannabinoids, CBD has emerged as a successful contender for treating a number of medical discomforts.


In the year 2017, a study was published which proved to be the supportive factor that declared CBD to be an effective cure that aids epileptic seizures.


The far reaching advantages of using CBD has yet to be brought to light, but researchers are doing their best to confirm this reality slowly and steadily.


How does CBD help in obstructing appetite loss?


The human body can go through some major changes if two factors are affected, that is, the immunity system and homeostasis. When a person undergoes certain treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, they usually experience an increase in the symptoms of inflammation. Along with this, the patient may also undergo oxidative stress which can severely affect even the healthiest cells in the patient’s body.


These patients who are suffering from cancer can take CBD to counter the above-mentioned after-effects. The efficiency of CBD in this particular area was proven through a study published in the year 2011. On top of this, CBD, which is an antioxidant and neuroprotectant, is a product that has a patent. CBD, as a patented product, has uses when it comes to calming the nervous system in a human’s body. When the nervous system is calmed down, cases of appetite loss can be treated. Appetite loss is controlled when the firing signals are slowed to some extent and the digestive tract is calmed down.


In 2011, a study was conducted on a sample group of animals. The study brought out the anti-nauseating quality of CBD. Such a quality is present in CBD because it has the ability to create a link with some receptors present in the human brain. Such a link can restrict the sensation of vomiting and nausea while using CBD.


The availability and dosage of CBD

Since research has progressed to a very great extent, the availability of CBD as a medical drug is an easy task. The drug has been qualified as a potential cure by many nations. Consequently, many patients can heave a sigh of relief as CBD is being made available to them through many well-known organizations like Pure CBD Vapors.


If you suffer from a loss of appetite, then CBD is the essential drug for you. Appetite issues may be caused either by sickness or by some other causes. In any case, CBD can be taken by the patient in different ways. The best-suited method can be decided by the doctor based on the specific needs of the patient. One way in which CBD can be taken by the patient is in the form of CBD oil. The advantage of taking CBD in the form of oil is that it starts its work the moment it touches the tongue of the patient.


The patients can access CBD in other forms like strains, vapor, capsules, and chews. These varied forms help doctors in the process of prescribing medicines as they can do so keeping in mind the patient’s requirements. Let’s take a look at some of the types of CBD strains available to patients:


  1. Goo

Goo is considered to be a type of CBD which is quite strong. It can also deter spasms in the muscle areas because of which it is a good choice for patients who have disorders related to their gastroenterology system.

  1. Monster cookies

It is a type of CBD strain which contributes to the sleeping time of the patient. After its usage, the hunger issues are solved in most cases.

  1. Platinum purple crush

It aids in the relaxation of the muscles while keeping focus and clarity of the patient in control. It has proven to create hunger in the patient quite easily.

  1. Pure kush

As the name suggests, this is a strong and pure form of CBD. Its dosage needs to be administered very carefully.


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